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The Tear you Down! Tournament (or short TyD! Tourney) was an community event created and hosted by the clan Tear you Down! between March and June 2010. The tourney was planned as 3-vs-3-tournament opening with a series of World Cup style qualifying matches ("league stage") followed by best of three bracket-style elimination rounds. Over the course of the tournament the qualifying rounds were dropped and the event finished with the elimination rounds.

Initially format and rules

Teams and slots

Initially the tournament was reckoned with a maximum of 32 slots for teams that want to compete. In the case that a slot wouldn't filled, that slots would get a filler team, which would lose automatically.

A participating team consist of up six members: one team leader ("captain") followed by two other team members that play and three alternate player if scheduling conflicts arise. The team leader had the responsibility to to signed up on the clan's forum, to schedule their matches as well as to be in communication with Tear you Down![1]. Teams that failed to show up to matches would automatically forfeit and their current opponent would won.

League and elimination stages

Originally the tournament was designed to be played in two stages. The first one should be a league stage, which was based on the World Cup Qualifier, and the second one should be a single elimination stage ("bracket round"). In the league stage teams will be randomly designated to a pool of other teams ("league"), in which all teams in that specific pool will play each other once, competing for an overall #1 ranking. After all teams have played each other in their respective league, seeding in the bracket round will proceed.

The seeding would work as follows: Ranking will be determined by amount of wins, and in the event of multiple teams having the same number of wins ranking will be determined by three variables: Most Kills, Most Flags and Least Deaths.

Team A has 3 wins with 250 kills, 5 flags, and 100 deaths
Team B has 3 wins with 200 kills, 10 flags, and 99 deaths. 
Team B gains the higher seed.

Only the top 16 teams would made it into th eliminiation round.

The matches would be a standard best of three, with the first choice of map or mode being decided by a coin flip (which will be done by one of the organizers[2]). The team that lost the flip would chose map or mode in the second round first. In the case of a draw the map/mode of the third round would be set by the organizers[3].

Approved gamemodes and maps

The tournament as a whole consisted of the following gamemodes: Capture the Flag, Hunt the Flag, Team Survivor, and Team One Shot, One Kill. During the league stages, game play proceeded as normal, meaning it was possible to combine the provided modes with any of the approved maps. In the bracket elimination rounds, however, each progressive round have had a different set of "themed" maps to choose from. These themes were:

Desert Snow Urban Industrial Random
ac_desert ac_snow ac_urban ac_depot ac_mines
ac_desert2 ac_arctic ac_scaffold ac_power ac_elevation
ac_desert3 ac_complex ac_keller ac_toxic
ac_shine ac_gothic


When arranging the match, the clan Tear you Down! had provided enough servers which give good pings and record demos. It was also allowed to use other servers if each team agreed and as long as this server could record demos.

Course and result of the event

Sign-Ups for the tounament finished at March 4, 2010 and the first round begun at March 8, 2010. The first round consisted of four leagues. There have been either five or six teams in these leagues (due to the uneven amount of teams entering)[4]:

League 1 League 2 League 3 League 4
Those who hunt h**kers Máfia Assassina w00p Only3
Beyond Compare Team 2 International Assault Force Cubers Society Unbreakable
H2O Tear you Down! Team 2 Armed & Dangerous Tear you Down! Team 1
Fragmaster Clan Taking a Stand Ryde or Die 3inches
assault Cubers Kingly assassin Haute Savoie FRance Beyond Compare Team 1 MCNNM
Makes you Sick Team 2 Makes you Sick Team 1

At March 19, 2010 Sepher from Beyond Compare[5] has been blacklisted because of using an aimbot. As a result the involved team has been removed from the tournament. Later also LiFe from w00p was caught cheating by using an aimbot. Doogum7x encouraged w00p to remove him from their roster, otherwise the clan would be removed from the tourney[6].

Due to this and the inactiveness of some clans (A&D, aCKa, FmC and IAF) the structure of the tournament has been changed: Basically the league stage has been dropped, making the tourney to a single-elimination-tournament only[7]. At April 24, 2010 the first elimination round has beeen finished[8]. The last round took place at June 13, 2010 between w00p and Only3[9]. w00p who didn't accepted the accusation regarding LiFe[10] let him rejoin short after.

  last sixteen quarterfinal semifinal final
 MCNNM  ?  
 Makes you Sick Team 1  ?  
   MCNNM -  
   w00p wbd[11]  
 w00p 2
 assault Cubers Kingly assassin 0  
   w00p  ?  
   Makes you Sick Team 2  ?  
 Cubers Society wbd[12]  
 Tear you Down! Team 2 -  
   Cubers Society 0
   Makes you Sick Team 2 2  
 Makes you Sick Team 2 2
 Taking a Stand 0  
   w00p 2
   OnLy3 0
 Beyond Compare 0  
 OnLy3 2  
   OnLy3  ?
   Those who hunt h**kers  ?  
 3inches 0
 Those who hunt h**kers 2  
   OnLy3 2
   Armed & Dangerous 0  
 Armed & Dangerous 2  
 Unbreakable 0  
   Armed & Dangerous 2
   Máfia Assassina 1  
 Tear you Down! Team 2 0
 Máfia Assassina 2  

These are the final results of the tournament. A question mark means that no score data are currently available and the abbreviation wbd means "win by default".


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