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Map title: ac_shine
Map version: 1.0
Map artist(s): DogDancing
Favorite gamemode(s): CTF, HTF, TDM, TKTF
Map size: Large (9-15)
Official since: AC 1.0
RVSF base CLA base Overview

The map ac_shine is an official map created by DogDancing, which was firstly released at Quadropolis on May 2, 2008, as the third map of the artist. makkE announced on the news blog on July 14, 2008, that the map will be a feature of AssaultCube 1.0.

Theme and terrain

The theme of ac_shine is a desert map with a little bit of egyptian feel to it. Therefore it uses custom textures and some of Toca's models.

Primarily it was designed as a Capture the Flag-map but it can also played as Team Deathmatch. The terrain is constructed so that there are multiple ways in and out of the two bases. A lot of the terrain is also sloped, so many parts of the map are higher than others and vice versa.

Tips and hints

Rushing the fastest route to the other teams base is a simple tactic to catch the other team by surprise. Of course with so many ways to each base you need to be aware of where people are coming from, you don't want your flag stolen!

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