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Map title: Ice Road
Map version: 1.0
Map artist(s): Ruthless & Undead
Favorite gamemode(s): CTF, TKTF
Map size: 7-12
Official since: AC 1.1
RVSF base CLA base Overview

ac_iceroad is an official map created by Ruthless and Undead.

Theme and terrain

The theme of ac_iceroad is a snowy complex with a main road running through its centre. At either end of the road lies the team bases. The RVSF base is a storage area and the CLA base is a basement/cellar. Both bases have two possible exit paths which lead onto the main road. This was designed to benefit the game mode of TKTF but still very capable of hosting CTF matches.

Tips and hints

When your team captures the flag, it will give you an advantage if you hold the main road to prevent the enemy from passing and killing the flag carrier.