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Disambiguation page This page describes game environments. For the console command map see the reference.

A map (layout, level) is an in-game environment that you (the first person) play in.

Official maps

Maps which are included in a release package of AssaultCube are so-called official maps. The following maps have been added to AssaultCube so far:

Release version Maps
0.90 ac_complex, ac_depot, ac_desert, ac_mines
0.91 ac_desert2
0.93 ac_snow
1.0.0 ac_arctic, ac_desert3, ac_elevation, ac_keller, ac_power, ac_scaffold, ac_shine, ac_sunset, ac_toxic, ac_urban
1.0.1/1.0.2 ac_douze, ac_gothic, ac_wasteland
1.0.4 ac_aqueous
1.1.0 ac_arabian, ac_arid, ac_iceroad, ac_outpost, ac_rattrap, ac_werk, ac_ingress ac_avenue, ac_cavern, ac_edifice, ac_industrial, ac_lainio, ac_stellar, ac_swamp, ac_terros, ac_venison, ac_wasteland

The map ac_depot_classic was also added as an alternative to 1.0. The map ac_wasteland was removed in version 1.1.0 but was re-added for

Types of maps

AssaultCube maps can be distinguished in several ways. The most determing aspect is of course the quality of a map. This includes the how the layout is fitting to several gamemodes (e.g. a CTF map needs two flag bases), the details, the use of textures, mapmodels and/or sounds. With that there are three groups:

  • High-Quality Maps
These maps are usually made with the intention of becoming official. These maps follow good procedures and generally have good layouts, use of textures, entities, and detail.
  • Low-Quality Maps
These maps do not use the Cube engine for what it was intended - these maps have tall buildings, wide open spaces, no defining layout, and/or bad texture usage. Quality pre-requisites will often keep these maps out of online servers.
  • Training and other maps
Training maps (more commonly known as gemas) are made solely on the purpose of 'testing your AC skill'. In other words, they are obstacle courses. Artwork maps are maps not made to be played but instead admired, as proof of what maps can be. Fun or pointless maps (such as making a house out of barrels) are other types of maps.

Mapping requisities

  • You cannot have a big open area in your map more than 10000 cubes
  • You cannot have a high ceiling mean value (not greater than 30 cubes over all map)
  • You cannot have pick ups too close each other (the exceptions are health pack and pistol clips, which can stay 3 cubes)
  • The same for the flags... at least 52 cubes

Publishing maps

If you want to publish a map, or let people see it, you can post it on Mapping and Modding subforum or to Quadropolis. Read map packaging before you upload anything.

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