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Map title: Aqueous
Map version:  ?
Map artist(s): RandumKiwi
Favorite gamemode(s): CTF, TDM
Map size:  ?
Official since: AC 1.0.4
RVSF base CLA base Overview

The map ac_aqueous is an official map created by RandumKiwi. He gave basic information and a few screenshots about this map in a forum post on March 6, 2009, stating that the map would not be released until the next AssaultCube version. On May 19, 2009, ac_aqueous was packaged with the 1.0.4 AssaultCube package update, and released to the general public.

Theme and terrain

ac_aqueous is a map designed to make players feel like they are fighting in a drainage area. The CLA's base is located outside in the swampy area, while the RVSF have their base located inside the building.

Tips and hints

Depending on your playing style, the need to crouch for two out of three entrances to the CLA base could be an advantage or disadvantage.