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Map title: Desert City
Map version:  ?
Map artist(s): Nieb
Favorite gamemode(s): TOSOK, TDM
Map size: Large (9-15)
Official since: AC 0.91
RVSF base CLA base Overview

The map ac_desert2 is an official map created by Nieb and making a spot in AssaultCube 0.91 (then still ActionCube).

Theme and terrain

Like ac_desert, the theme of this map is a small desert village. It has a trench, a smaller tunnel, an underpass and a variety of stairs and yards on different levels. Typically it is played as TOSOK, TDM or HTF with a larger group of players. On others modes, like OSOK and/or with only a few people, playing the map took very long. There are also a lot of camping spots.

Tips and hints

  • If you are very good in it, then you can jump from the RVSF base across the trench to the other side.
  • The wall which separates the CLA and RVSF area and which is behind the trench (seen from the RVSF base) has a hole. Players of both teams can use it to shoot enemies with the sniper scope.
  • In AssaultCube releases prior 1.0 the map includes a bug: Close to the RVSF base there is a small room in whitch a CLA respawn point exist.