Team One Shot, One Kill

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The Team One Shot, One Kill gamemode is a round based mode, where two teams fight against each other with the goal of killing as many of the players on the opposite team as possible before the time limit. In this mode players start off with only one health point and can only use the sniper rifle or the knife. There are no ammo, grenade, akimbo, or health pickups in this gamemode. There are rounds in this gamemode, and when a player is killed the player must wait until the round is over before the player can spawn again. The team with the highest score at the time limit wins.

Tips and hints

If possible, players should try to gib with the knife or get a headshot, as gibs are worth more points than a frag. Good teamwork will prove vital in eliminating the enemy.

Players have to be very careful when shooting because just one wrong shot could kill a teammate.

Since the Team One Shot, One Kill gamemode has rounds, players do NOT need to press any button in order to start the round. Sometimes players inadvertently kill their teammates because they press the fire button as soon as the round starts.

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