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The Team Survivor gamemode is a round based mode, where two teams attempt to kill as many of the players on the enemy team as possible before the time limit. Players only spawn at the start of each round. Once a player dies, he or she must wait until the round is over in order to play again. There are no weapon restrictions in the survivor gamemode, but no ammo, grenades, akimbo, or health pickups are present either. As always, score will decide the winner of the game.

Tips and hints

Not all weapons are suitable for each map. After the first round, assess whether the weapon you used is effective against the enemy team. For example, If the map you are playing on has a lot of corridors or blind spots, perhaps a shotgun would be the best choice. If the map you are playing on has a lot of open space then the assault rifle or the sniper rifle would be the best choice.

There is strength in numbers; if players stick with each other they can usually overpower individual players on the opposite team. Proper teamwork is the key to success.

The mini map can be helpful to see at which point a teammate is engaging the enemy.

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