Keep the Flag

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Keep the Flag (abbreviated KTF) is a flag mode without teams. In KTF, there is only one flag.


Every player tries to get the flag and to keep it as long as possible. For 15 seconds carrying the flag, a player gets one flag score. All other players try to frag the flag keeper. The flags spawns alternating at both flag bases.


  • The flag cannot be dropped, neither voluntarily nor by fragging the carrier. If the flag carrier gets fragged, the flag spawns at the next base immediately.
  • Players spawn all over the map. There are no bases.
  • On the minimap, fhe flag is always visible to all players. Hence, the flag carrier cannot hide.


KTF can only be played on maps with flag bases and ffa spawns.


  • You can think of KTF as "Deathmatch with flag".
  • It's up to the players, if they fight deathmatch-style or concentrate their fire on the flag bearer.
  • If there are enough players, you can, instead of hunting the flag carrier, also line up at the next flag spawn.