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In the Hunt the Flag (or HTF) gamemode, two teams fight against each other with the goal of capturing the opposite team's flag as many times as possible until the match time limit runs out.


One player in each team is responsible for carrying the team flag which can only be dropped if the players is killed or if the player presses the backspace key. If a flag is dropped, a player from the opposing team can capture the flag and score a point, but only if a member of his team is carrying the team flag. Once a flag is captured the flag is returned to the flag spawn point, and a player can either pick up the flag or wait for the server to assign the flag to the player with the most health. There are no weapon restrictions or rounds in this gamemode, and players respawn five seconds after they die. Since scored flags are (obviously) the major objective for this gamemode, the team with the highest number of flags is usually the winner. As always, the team with the most points at the time limit wins.


  • You can only score, if your own teams flag is taken (by any player). While the flag is in base, no one can score.
  • If the flag is not picked up from the base within 10 seconds, the server automatically gives the flag to the player with the most health.
  • The flag bearer can voluntarily drop the flag, to hand it over to a teammate.
  • The server resets dropped (or lost) flags to the base after 10 seconds.
  • Dropped flags are visible on radar and minimap for all players.
  • Team killing a flag bearer will give a flag penalty, but not return the flag to the base.

Tips and hints

  • The player that carries the flag can score an extra point if the enemy flag is captured, so the team should try to allow their flag bearer to score when possible.
  • If there are enemies near the flag spawn point, players should avoid picking up their flag until the enemies are eliminated, since players can only score once a flag has been dropped.
  • If you're tired of being the flag bearer, just give the flag to one of your teammates. To do this, just drop the flag (usually bound to the BACKSPACE key). You can also pass the flag to someone else, when you're low on health or ammo, for example. Make sure, no enemy is around.
  • Make sure, the flag is always carried by a player. While the flag is dropped or in base, your team cannot score.
  • To prevent the enemy team from scoring, it is important, to protect the flag carrier. But, it's also important, that the flag carrier allows his teammates to protect him. If the player with the flag runs straight into the enemy base, he's just donating flag scores to the enemy.
  • When the flag is in your base, you can choose to become the flag carrier, and pick the flag up. If no one picks up the flag for 10 seconds, the server will give the flag to the player with the most health. Of course, it's possible, that the player with the most health is far away from the base, in a dangerous situation. To avoid this, players should pick up the flag from the base voluntarily.
  • If you get the flag while you are attacking (because no one picked it up from the base), try to hide or reach a secure place immediately. If you continue your attack, your enemy will get a cheap flag score.
  • If you're far from your base, low on health and ammo, but you have the flag, you can try to use the server to return the flag to the base without losing scores. If you drop the flag, the server will return it to the base after 10 seconds. So, all you have to do, is to drop the flag and then make sure, no one touches it for 10 seconds.
  • If you fragged the enemy V.I.P, be sure, your own team flag is taken, before you touch the enemy flag.


Hunt the Flag is preferred for maps with flag bases. But it is also possible, to play this gamemode on maps without dedicated flag bases. If no flag bases are available, the server will assign the flags immediately to the player with the best health.