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Map title: The Storage Depot
Map version:
Map artist(s): MitaMAN
Favorite gamemode(s): CTF, TDM
Map size: Large (9-15)
Official since: AC 0.90
RVSF base CLA base Overview

The map ac_depot is an official map created by MitaMAN.

Theme and terrain

The theme of ac_depot is very unique - while most official maps are industrial and gritty, ac_depot is not so. It is based off a storage depot, and when compared to other official maps, ac_depot's layout is relatively simple. This often leads to almost no scores by the end of a Capture the Flag match when ac_depot is used in crowded servers, because of the large amount of camping and anti-camping causes the small amount of paths through the map to get blocked up.

ac_depot is a relatively large map, and is often used in servers with a large number of players. However, large amounts of players on it result in teamplay, but rare scores in CTF.

Tips and hints

  • Although there is an akimbo in the underground passage, the enemy team usually will be able to hear it if you pick it up, and know where you are.
  • In the RVSF base, a RVSF player can sit in the middle portion and guard the flag while retaining cover.

Match Popularity

Capture the flag on ac_depot is a very common pick in matches. Becoming familiar with this map will prove helpful if you play with a clan.