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Map title: Filthy RatTrap
Map version: 1.4
Map artist(s): RatBoy
Favorite gamemode(s): DM, TDM
Map size: Medium (4-10)
Official since: AC 1.1
RVSF base CLA base Overview

The map ac_rattrap is an official map created by RatBoy. It was originally released in January 2007 and marked as an official candidate by makkE at the time. Only 30 months later it made it!

Theme and Terrain

The map is an industrial setting, with two building complexes and an external street area.


From RatBoy's original post:

"This place was long ago a very nice location, with a shoe factory and two storage facilities, it was a very productive zone of the city. But one day the manager of the shoe factory was murdered with a shoe in his throat. The crime was never solved, and the factory closed down.

After that the RVSF took over one of the storage facilities, and ever since this become a dangerous place. Recently the CLA has installed themselves in the other facility, unleashing a rough war in the whole zone.

The manager of the shoe factory was buried with the shoe in his throat and a statue was made in his memory."