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Map title: Power station
Map version: 1.0
Map artist(s): wotwot
Favorite gamemode(s): CTF, TDM, TKTF
Map size: Large (9-15)
Official since: AC 1.0
RVSF base CLA base Overview

The map ac_power is an official map created by wotwot, a member of w00p. It was firstly released at Quadropolis on June 23, 2007. The AssaultCube developers announced within the first message on their news blog on August 8, 2007, that ac_power will become an official map in the 0.94 release, which become at the end the 1.0 release.

Theme and terrain

It was primarily designed as CTF-map but can also played as TDM. It has an industrial theme and a kind of futuristic looking feel to it, when you compare it to the other AssaultCube maps. This map also uses quite a few custom textures provided by wotwot that are industrial and uses also some wire-like custom mapmodels provided by makkE.

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