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Woop clan (known as w00p and woop) is an international gaming clan and the oldest AssaultCube clan.

Woop clan
Founded on:17th October 2006
Founded by:Drakas, Flapdrol, t0taln00b
Current leaders:Drakas, tenshi
IRC:irc.gamesurge.net #woop-clan



Woop clan usually invites only people of high reliability and gameplay quality, but does not refrain from inviting trainee members. Woop clan's members also play Sauerbraten. Woop had a short alliance with the legendary 1MA which later dissolved due to inactivity.



Woop clan runs quite a few servers. The current list of public servers is available on http://woop.us/servers. Woop's servers are popular in the fact that many "interclans" take place. Interclans are usually better explained as team games between members of different clans. Many of these are organised as quickly as 5 minutes before the games, and very commonly in Woop's IRC channel.


Woop clan members made two of the famous maps, ac_power by wotwot, and ac_snow by daMfr0^. Toca is also an AssaultCube developer.

AssaultCube Spankage

A popular video showing the use of knife against novice players.



Woop clan organises fragfests and other gaming meet-ups. Fragfests are international gaming meetings, which span all time zones, with both AssaultCube and Sauerbraten games taking place. The December 2007 gathered up to 40 players per AssaultCube game, which was considered very big at the time. The October 2009 Fragfest celebrated the third anniversary of the clan, gathering many players[1] both into the servers and into Mumble. [2]

AssaultCube World Cup

Drakas also held the July 2009 ACWC[3], in which eight countries with nine teams[4] participated. The final game of the cup was between the Australian team (Undead, Ruthless, R4zor, Takkunen) and the German team (Smack, tenshi, Teh_Rock), with Germany winning the games[5].

HI-SKILL ladder

Drakas published the new ladder in September 2009.


Star gold.png Tear you Down! Tournament: 1st place

Star gold.png ESL AssaultCube CTF League (Season I): 1st place

Star gold.png Second AssaultCube Release Cup (2009): 1st place

Star silver.png ESL CTF Opening Cup: 2nd place


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