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AssaultCube has 17 + 1 = 18 gamemodes. Each gamemode comprises of different weapons, tactics and gameplay. There is also the cooperative editing-mode (coop), which isn't meant for playing - but technically it is a gamemode.

Gamemodes can be changed using a variety of commands: mode (with the mode-number) or via one of the defined aliases (ctf, tosok, ..).

For example, to vote / change to Capture the Flag at ac_mines, you can:

  • Use the menu and vote through there
  • Type /mode 5; map ac_mines
  • Type /ctf ac_mines
0 Team Deathmatch tdm
1 Co-op edit coop
2 Deathmatch dm
3 Survivor lms
4 Team Survivor tsrv
5 Capture the Flag ctf
6 Pistol Frenzy pf
7 Bot Team Deathmatch
8 Bot Deathmatch
9 Last Swiss Standing lss
10 One Shot, One Kill osok
11 Team One Shot, One Kill tosok
12 Bot One Shot, One Kill
13 Hunt the Flag htf
14 Team Keep the Flag tktf
15 Keep the Flag ktf
16 Team Pistol Frenzy tpf
17 Team Last Swiss Standing tlss