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Internet Relay Chat is a basic method of real-time exchange of messages. AssaultCube has an IRC channel (room) at QuakeNet. Using IRC you can ask for help yourself, help others, or simply discuss AssaultCube in general. In order to use IRC you will need an IRC client; below is see a list of popular ones. After installing an IRC client, the easiest way to access the AssaultCube channel is by opening this link:: irc://

IRC tips

  • Unlike many instant messengers most people tend to idle in IRC until they actively check their computer. Stick around for a least 15 minutes to see if someone will come on and answer your question.
  • Even though many people from different timezones stay on the channel, they could all be AFK (away from keyboard) and unable to answer your question. If this happens, feel free to come back later and ask again.
  • Try using English in IRC as much as possible. Although some people might speak your native tongue, you're more likely to be understood by everybody is you use English.
  • Never ask to ask a question. Just ask it. People seldom respond to "Can someone help me please?" - It's best to just jump in and say something like: "Hello! I'd like to know how to ...". This way people can simply answer your question. If you don't straight up ask, the following could happen:
Person A: Help me please!
Person B: What about?
Person C: Yes, what about?
Person A: I want to create my own player model ...
Person B: I'm no modeler, sorry.
Person C: Oh, yes - I'd like to do that too ... but I have no idea about modelling.
Person A: Oh, well ... sorry for wasting your time.
  • Try to be friendly and helpful.

Quick and simple IRC

This is a quick, simple way of installing IRC for Firefox users...

  1. Download and install the Chatzilla add-on.
  2. Restart firefox.
  3. Click on this irc:// Firefox will now auto-launch and connect to the channel for AssaultCube on the network QuakeNet.
  4. Right-click on the tab that says #assaultcube and toggle Open This Channel at Startup.

Now, all you will need to do to connect to #assaultcube in the future, is, in firefox, click on Tools and then click Chatzilla and everything will connect automatically.

Quakenet WebChat IRC

AssaultCube provides a webpage with an embedded JavaScript IRC client. Try it here

Popular IRC clients

  • mIRC is perhaps the most popular IRC client in the world, Windows only, free (shareware).
  • XChat is the most common IRC client in the GNU/Linux world.
  • Colloquy is a popular IRC client for MacOSX and iOS, free.
  • PChat is a IRC Client based on XChat completely free and open source for the Windows and Linux Platform.
  • ChatZilla is the easiest to use with Mozilla Firefox, cross-platform, open source.
  • Opera has an integrated IRC client, cross-platform.
  • Irssi is a text-mode IRC client. If you don't know what this is then you don't want to choose it!

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