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As an Admin in AssaultCube the server owner is entrusting you with certain responsibilities

  • Prevent cheating by removing obvious cheats
  • Ensure, when possible, that all players are on the right map
  • Ensure that the game runs to full time
  • Balance the teams, when possible, by requesting players to change or /forceteam-ing. If necessary, /changeteam yourself. (Avoid /shuffleteam for balancing)
  • Answer questions from players
  • Remove persistent and deliberate team killers from the game
  • Do not tolerate unacceptable language, or abuse of gender or ethnicity on the HUD
  • Be polite and fair to all players, particularly to the newer players who may not recognise their own team yet, don't know the map, or don't understand the objective of each gamemode
  • Attempt to communicate with all, despite language barriers
  • Warn and then remove players with unacceptably high Ping and PJ values. Coloured values or 'LAG' in the scoreboard will help you here

The position of Admin is NOT to be used for

  • Playing only the maps you want to play
  • Ensuring you win the game
  • Banning players indiscriminately
  • Wanting to be boss
  • Bullying and/or abusing other players
  • Impressing your friends

If you intend to take admin on a regular basis it is advisable to bind a number of the most common commands and replies to single keystrokes. Instructions and advice on this topic can be found here in the Wiki, in the AC forum and in the AC documentation.

NOTE. You cannot, unless you are an exceptional player, maintain your game standard and be a competent Admin. If there is someone else in the server who you trust, consider giving them admin when you quit or wish to concentrate on playing. Also consider making a Server Share if you plan on running a regular server.

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