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Server Share was started by the clan Beyond Compare as a means to share admin passes between trusted, known members of the community. It was originally created in a time when cheaters were rampant, but still has a place today.

What is Server Share for?

  • To rid our servers of cheaters/hackers.
  • To get rid of annoyances that disrupt normal game play which includes spammers, intentional teamkilling, multiple acts of dirty language, and inappropriate nick names.
  • To enable players to get full IP addresses of these type of disruptive players and as a Server Share member you must report these abuses to the Public Blacklist.
  • Server owners do not only get to administrate other person's servers, they also get the insurance their own crowded servers are in good hands with trustworthy admins.

What isn't Server Share for?

  • To play maps that you want.
  • Banning or kicking people just because they are playing better than you.
  • Making votes pass for your enjoyment.
  • To claim admin just to be in charge.
  • To set the master mode to private for personal games.
  • Giving the passes to friends or other members of your clan. They must apply for membership here.
  • This is a server share, not a password share where people share passwords from random servers which they don't even own.

What are the consequences for abuse?

Removal from the Server Share will be immediate if there are any cases of extreme abuse. This may be followed with the person in question being blacklisted on participating Server Share servers.

Who can apply?

Preference will be highly swayed towards those that have servers to contribute or whose clan has already contributed their servers, but people without servers or clans may apply although there is less of a chance of being accepted. Since the release of Assault Cube version 1.1 with its anticheat system, less admins are needed. This means we are mainly looking for server contributors, and are more hesitant with people who don't have anything to offer.

How do I get in?

Make a new topic in this forum filling in the following information:

  • How long you have been playing:
  • Country/time zone:
  • Past/current clan memberships:
  • Servers you can/will offer:
  • Why you want to join the SS:

Make sure you read over this post before applying