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Being new to AssaultCube, you will need to get familiar with some of the basics.


To send a message, press T, type your message, and press Enter.

Team chat

Team chat is quite an important step if you are playing team games, and especially organised clan games, so it has been implemented in AssaultCube. It's easy to use - just push Y instead of T. These messages will show up in blue instead of green.


Of course, learning the usage of T will lead us to the first basic steps - changing your nickname. By default, your alias / nickname is "unarmed". A nickname is what people will know you by. Your nickname can be as simple as your first name - it can be pretty much anything! To change your nickname to Mario, you will need to execute /name "Mario" in your console.

Since many players are in clans, they will usually have a name extension that shows which clan they are in - a clan tag. Clan tags usually go in front of one's real nickname but can in cases be in the end - such as ^MD for the MD clan.

Note: Deliberately using another person name or clan tag, without permission, is a blacklistable offence. Also, some well-known players like to play anonymously, for various reasons. You may be intrigued as to who they are, or have a good guess and want confirmation, but in the words of MorganKell, "Under alias one is not obligated to respond."


The weapon choice may differ between Gamemodes, but modes such as Capture the Flag and Deathmatch games are usually composed of all available weaponry. Yet, you can only choose one of the five main weapons at a time for your primary - Assault Rifle, SMG, Sniper, Shotgun, and the Carbine. To do that, you have to press B and select the weapon of your choice. Next time you spawn, you will own that weapon.


The purpose of this game is to kill (frag, gib). A gib is the fragging of an enemy that causes their bodies to explode. Usually, making one gib will award you with an extra frag, making gibbing more efficient than normal fragging. In AssaultCube, gibs can be made through the use of a knife, grenade or a sniper rifle (when shot at the head of the enemy).

All other methods will frag your enemy.

Basic controls

Basic controls are the main controls that are essential in the gameplay.


Move forward
Move backward
Move left
Move right

Turn your mouse to change which direction you are looking.


MOUSE1 (left mouse button)
MOUSE2 (right mouse button)
Zooms in with the scope if using the sniper, otherwise throws a nade
Up or down - will switch your current weapon
Different weapon choice
Reload the weapon


Shows the scoretable while held down
LALT (Left Alt)
Show the map and your location
Alternative console
Bring up the menu
Change your current primary weapon (it changes the next time you spawn)