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Servers allow many people to play a single game over a network (Internet being the largest). The server list is available in the multiplayer menu. To fetch the most recent list of servers you will need to update the list from the Masterserver.

Server bandwith requirements

To run a high quality, non-laggy server, you must make sure that you are not exceeding your connection's bandwidth limits. Assaultcube does not need a lot of bandwidth compared to other multiplayer games. However, it still is absolutely required that you make sure that your internet connection has enough bandwidth to run a server of your desired size. This can be done by checking your current bandwidth on (measured in megabits per second) and comparing it to the following chart:

OUTDATED, but should work on a "scaled" approach

used slots total uplink bandwidth total downlink bandwidth monthly traffic
4 .118 mBit/sec .054 mBit/sec 52 GB
5 .188 mBit/sec .068 mBit/sec 77 GB
6 .274 mBit/sec .082 mBit/sec 107 GB
7 .375 mBit/sec .095 mBit/sec 142 GB
8 .493 mBit/sec .109 mBit/sec 182 GB
9 .626 mBit/sec .122 mBit/sec 226 GB
10 .776 mBit/sec .136 mBit/sec 275 GB
11 .942 mBit/sec .150 mBit/sec 329 GB
12 1.123 mBit/sec .163 mBit/sec 388 GB
13 1.321 mBit/sec .177 mBit/sec 452 GB
14 1.534 mBit/sec .190 mBit/sec 520 GB
15 1.764 mBit/sec .204 mBit/sec 594 GB
16 2.010 mBit/sec .218 mBit/sec 672 GB
17 2.271 mBit/sec .231 mBit/sec 755 GB
18 2.549 mBit/sec .245 mBit/sec 843 GB
19 2.842 mBit/sec .258 mBit/sec 936 GB
20 3.152 mBit/sec .272 mBit/sec 1033 GB

Any player will send up to 1000 bytes data plus 700 bytes protocol overhead to the server. The server will send the data of every player to all other players, so every additional player will increase the amount of data and the number of recipients. This means that the server uplink bandwidth increases with the square of the player number. A doubled number of players will quadruple your uplink bandwidth needs.

Bandwidth calculation formula:

  • For n players, the average incoming (= downlink) bandwidth will be n * 1700 Bytes/second
  • For n players, the average outgoing (= uplink) bandwidth will be n * ((n - 1) * 1000 + 700) Bytes/second

To maximize your server’s bandwidth and potential, it is suggested that you:

  • Connect your computer to your router/modem via Ethernet
  • Completely turn off all other applications (especially bandwidth-heavy ones)
  • Disconnect all other systems from the internet

If you host your server at home, make sure that you don't mix up the uplink and downlink speed of your internet connection. Also, do not host an AC server if you are sharing an internet connection.

Setting up your own server

Ambox notice.png Please read the Server Documentation before! The most common questions we've had regarding server setup will be answered here to supplement the basic documentation.

Setting up a server may be useful if you want to play a private game with your friends but do not want others to join in, for example. If you plan on making a contribution to the public list of servers you should know something about security. In addition, you must forward your ports correctly if you want your server to be visible on the Masterserver. If you only want to play on a LAN, then you don't need (or want) the Masterserver, so you'll want to deactivate any port forwarding you may have in place. Simply start the server and on the clients use the menu or console to lanconnect.

As soon as you have read all other server related documentation, be sure to have a look at The Complete Idiot's Guide to AC Servers (1.0.4).