Máfia Assassina

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Máfia Assassina (or M|A) is a clan in the AssaultCube community.

Máfia Assassina
Clantag: #M|A#
Founded on: 2008-10-30
Founded by: Atrimos, Damiahn, Pan, Terror
Current leader(-s): no leaders
Members: 13
Country: International
Homepage: www.mafia-asesina.org
IRC: irc://irc.gamesurge.net/MA-Clan


The clan Máfia Assassina was established at October 30, 2008, when Atrimos, Damiahn, Pan and Terror had decided to make an own clan. Its main intention is to have fun and to do clan fights. As a special characteristic this clan hasn't any leader. With that, all decisions have been done by a common agreement of all members.

Today #M|A# is playing hard and tough.Recruiitng is closed, but exeptions are made for certain players. To become a member of this clan you have to prove two qualities: potential and character.


The clan provides a public gaming server.

Name IP/Domain Max Players Owner Location Logging Automap Blacklist Ladder Available
#M|A# Alicante Costa Blanca 32  ? Spain yes yes no no  ?

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