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3inches (3i or 3") is an international clan in the AssaultCube community.

Clantag:|3"| or |3i|
Founded on:2008-11-01
Founded by:Etch and ToMaS.sK
Current leaders:Etch and ToMaS.sK
IRC:irc.gamesurge.net #3inches


After playing and testing AssaultCube on Linux and Windows operating systems, Etch and ToMaS.sK decided 1.11.2008 to create a clan for fun. Few weeks later Tomas's friends from same city (Diabolus and BonGo) joined the clan and |3i| started to grow. After short period many more players joined the clan. 3inches became skillful, well known and respected clan in Assault Cube community.

New version

Many players have been waiting for new AC version (1.1). Unfortunately, the new version was a failure. There were no more fun to play AC, so |3i| stopped playing competitively. Most of members went inactive and were waiting for the new version (1.2).


Although the clan has many matches listed on their homepage, they've not participated in any cups until Davitomon's AC-League. Between March and June 2010 |3i| took place in Tear you Down! Tournament which was really unsuccessful. Clan succesfully passed groups stage but got eliminated if first elimination stage. Shortly, after a month or two, |3"| members from Slovakia (Diabolus, Etch, heLL*, ToMaS.sK) started to play in ACWC 2010. After hard 3 rounds of elimination Slovakia reached the final where they lost to Brazil A team.


The clan's name is based on a Canadian metal band.


Nickname Location
Etch Flag sk.png Slovakia
ToMaS.sK Flag sk.png Slovakia
Diabolus (Diabolka) Flag sk.png Slovakia
BonGo* (heLL,ca, Bong,sliepka66) Flag sk.png Slovakia
5-ka Flag sk.png Slovakia
Jack* Flag fr.png France
Migi Flag cz.png Czech Republic
FrozenKiss Flag fr.png France
bakos_pl Flag pl.png Poland
Draza Flag serbia.png Serbia
Hunk (Mercenery) Flag chile.png Chile
Dave (pr0_styl0r) Flag ch.png Switzerland
pola Flag de.png Germany
Hulk Flag br.png Brazil
Sp33dy Flag it.png Lithuania
al3rt  ?
SiL3nT  ?
Ketar*  ?

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