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Apollo {TyD}

This is the personal page of Apollo{TyD}.

My wiki activities

  • My articles
1st AssaultCube Mapping Competition, 2nd AssaultCube Mapping Competition, 3rd AssaultCube Mapping Competition, ac_desert2, ac_power, ac_shine, AC ladder, Clan, Cheater, List of retired clans, Máfia Assassina, mode, MOTD, Port forwarding, name, Tear you Down!, Tear you Down! Tournament
  • My templates
    • Nearly every template ;)

Some of my maps

Icon tyd.jpg This user is a member of
Tear you Down!
Icon mapper.jpg This user is a mapper
Icon sniper.jpg This user prefers the
sniper rifle
Icon apollo arabicnight.jpg This user plays
Apollo's Arabic Night
Icon apollo desertcity.jpg This user plays
Apollo's DesertCity
System macosx.png This user plays on OS X

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