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The Message of the Day (or MOTD) is a information text which is displayed short after connecting a client to a server. It is featured since AssaultCube 0.93. MOTDs are usually be used to welcome a player and to give some informations about the server's owner or features like ladder support, blacklisting aso. Sometimes a MOTD is also used to inform that a clan is recruiting new members.

Configuring a MOTD

The MOTD can be customized by adding or changing the -o command line option in the server launching script (typically assaultcube_server.bat on Windows or on Linux). Since 1.1, the MOTD can be stored in a separate text file, eg. motd_en.txt. This file is checked while the server is running, so updates do not require a restart of the server binary.

Plain MOTD

-o"Example for a single line"

Multiline MOTD

To start a new line within a MOTD use the newline character '\n'. Since patch 1.0.1, this character can be encoded by the escape sequence "\n". Newline character escaping is independent from the operating system. However, on a linux commandline it may be necessary to escape the backslash itself (example: "two\\nlines").

-o"Example for a MOTD\nwith several lines."

Colored MOTD

Code Name Code Name
\f0 green \f5 white
\f1 blue \f6 dark brown
\f2 yellow \f7 dark red
\f3 red \f8 magenta
\f4 gray \f9 orange

Since patch 1.0.1 it is also possible to use color codes in a single or multiline MOTD. Colorization works via the control-char - which is a "\f" (FormFeed) - followed by an indication character. Apart from the special cases of \fs and \fr for saving/restoring previously set coloors in the current line of text, you can use the following numbers to set to the respective color (see colortable).


This will work on all platforms. However, on a linux commandline it may be necessary to escape the backslash itself (example: "\\f3red").

Gallery of MOTDs