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Dedicated Elite Soldiers (or DES) is a highly known, old, and well-structured AssaultCube clan.

Dedicated Elite Soldiers
Founded on:2007-12-01
Founded by:Halo
Current leaders:Freddo (see Changes in Structure)
Country:International #DedicatedEliteSoldiers



In the beginning

The road for the DES clan started off rough in the AssaultCube community, having a few early problems with a few trouble making members. At this point, Halo appointed a co-leader to help keep things under control. TwItCh gave the clan web space, in the trade off of the open co-leader position. Order and change quickly came.

Changes in structure

Since the resignation of co-leader TwItCh, the clan DES formed a council of six members (DES Elite) to promote the clan in the AssaultCube community and maintain order within the clan. Halo remained the overall leader while the six other members of the group had equal voting rights on issues concerning the clan. After a time full of arguments in 2011 Freddo became leader and the council no longer exists. Every decision will be made together from now on.

The DES Veterans

The veterans are long time members who have or still contribute a lot to DES and the game. People in this group are: Cleaner, TampaMike, tipper, Mr.Floppy and jamz.

MIA Members Departure

After prolonged periods of absence, the clan has taken the liberty of removing certain "MIA" members from the clan. If they do decide to return to the clan, there will be no issues in them being reinstated.

Other Information


Currently, the DES clan has a very strict procedure on joining. To join the clan, a person needs 5 invites from existing members. This ensures they have been playing and are active with members of the clan, and that the clan has taking a liking to them. After ensuring the 5 invites have been given, the voting begins. The member's poll runs for roughly 2 weeks and in that time, at least 12 members have to vote. To make it into DES, a 5:1 ratio is needed (however, if anyone does have a problem with the recruit, the application will likely be terminated until the problem is fixed). After gaining both the invites, and the votes, the recruit is probationary DES - they are a full DES member, though liable to be suspended in case anything happens. This is a time for watching recruits very carefully.



Servers are hosted by: Anderson, Godsmack, Perros, OpenSource and Freddo! They're all visible on the masterserver list and run a nice maprot with custom maps and blacklist to make the game as enjoyable as possible! :)


The clan runs an IRC channel located at #DedicatedEliteSoldiers. Thanks to Freddo, an IRC client has been added to the clan site, which links straight to the IRC channel. Based in Java to run in your browser, the application is very easy to use. It can be found here.


DES is a big community of mappers, and many of its members contribute high quality maps to the community. DES' members have a count of three maps included in AssaultCube 1.0:

Since the release of 1.0, many patches have been released for AssaultCube, some with new maps included. The maps included in 1.0.1 from DES were;

  • ac_wasteland: by Halo
  • ac_gothic: by R4zor

These are the maps planned for AssaultCube 1.1 by DES members;

There is a mapping page[1] on the DES blog that shows all released maps.


Dedicated Elite Soldiers has taken part in multiple events and, additionally, has hosted a few themselves. DES is key around the AssaultCube Mapping Competitions, and they have hosted a tournament called the DES Open.

List of former members

  • Benwashere
  • Boomhauer
  • Bukz
  • Fragment
  • Halo
  • h00ver
  • Inline
  • jamz
  • Jelly
  • jiba
  • Jord
  • JMKane
  • Mr.Floppy
  • Pastaboy
  • Perros
  • Riverout
  • Robtics
  • Rytis
  • Smurf
  • TheCrema
  • Twitch
  • Undead
  • V-Man
  • Woolly


The name Dedicated Elite Soldiers is a reference to a clan on the same name for Kings of Chaos which Halo previously played with.

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