2nd AssaultCube Mapping Competition

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The 2st Assaultcube Mapping Competition was a community event which took place in the summer 2008, following the idea of the 1st AssaultCube Mapping Competition.


This event started at July 24, 2008, when it was announced by Archangel at the AC forum. It consisted of following competition rules:

  • Must be a ship themed map
  • Must have team and free for all spawn points, pickups
  • Must have not been released to the public previously
  • Judges may not enter a map themselves

A perfect example for such a map is ac_fracht by Mr. Floppy. Although this unfortunately couldn't be entered because Mr. Floppy has become the a judge and the maps has been already released to the public. Beside Mr. Floppy the four judges of the first event - MeatROme, Halo, RandumKiwi and Archangel - took up this job again. Other apects like the rating mechanism or the categories to score remained unchanged.

The deadline for the contestants to enter a map was September 20, 2008. Till this date, no map was put into the competition - which means that the event failed its goal. The reasons for the failing might be the ambitious theme or the fact that the event has been placed too soon after its predecessor. After this Archangel resigned to be the head of any further mapping competition.