4th AssaultCube Mapping Competition

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The 4th Assaultcube Mapping Competition was an community event created by MisterFloppy, Halo, 4bit and jiba held from October 26th 2009 to December 11th 2009. The prize for the winner was a $50 Amazon gift card.


This event started October 26, 2009, when it was first announced on the Akimbo forum. It was based on the idea that mappers would get more competitive to produce high quality maps, as the other Mapping Contests did. When the topic was posted, MisterFloppy said:

It's been a while since the last mapping contest and so we start into the 4th round right now. This time we managed to offer a great price for the winner. The rules stay pretty much the same as it used to be with the other contests, besides there won't be different judging classes and the theme is a bit more open this time. Custom media is fine as long it does not affect gameplay.


The 4th Assaultcube Mapping Competition consisted of the following competition rules:

  • Map wasn't released anywhere before
  • One map per person (more than one person per map is fine)
  • No stealing
  • No judge was involved in the process of making the map


  • Night themed
  • Requires at least one outside area
  • Team mode oriented


  • 4Bit
  • Mr.Floppy
  • jiba
  • Tipper


The types of things being judged in the maps were:

  • Theme
  • Layout / Gameplay
  • Lighting
  • Detail
  • Use of textures
  • Average (of all above)

To settle disputes or ties between judges, they selected a chairman to have the final say. That round's chairman was Momentum (formerly Davitomon).


  • Urban_Block by Nitrix
  • Nightshift by RaaM
  • Nightsand by a_slow_old_man
  • Noct by Dreamer
  • Stellar by Halo and Bukz
  • Atlantis by Uber
  • Lost by Sniper
  • Tone by Marioana and Raizen
  • Darkfuel by MathiasB
  • Canicule_Night by SnD
  • Desecration by Bassist, Clay and Inline
  • Hostile by Nike


The ratings given by the judges were lost in the old forums, due to the technical and safety issues regarding them. The winner though, was SnD with his map, Canicule_Night.