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Kitty has been a member of the AC community for nearly 4 years, starting off as rookie (under the name Athanasia or misskitty) with extraordinary talent for the sniper. Pwning all the guys on TOSOK games, she soon received lots of invitations to clans and other saucy offers.

Her career as a clan player began when she founded a new girls-only clan called "Girls Owned U" (GOU) which was quite successful for some months but didn´t last for more than almost a year. After that, she joined the ranks of Black Squadron (BS) which soon faced problems because of their amount of dedicated Servers (some of them with the same map 24/7) and server clients they had modified in order to provide statistics and to connect to a ladder system. When BS backed out of its engagement in AssaultCube after all the members and servers being banned, Athanasia left the clan, meanwhile having her name changed to kitty.

In search for a new clan, it happened that in June 2009 she got a place in Armed and Dangerous (A&D), which was, however, already on the decline that time. With A&D being inactive, she quit the clan somewhen in 2010.

Nowadays Kitty keeps close relationship to a few clans such as Bastard Cubers From Hell and the Kell Hounds. She is valuable member of Tear you Down!.

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