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Armed & Dangerous (or A&D) is one of the oldest and most known clans in the AC community.

Logo and.png
Armed & Dangerous
Founded on:4 March 2007
Founded by:Davitomon, Shadow
Current leaders:Nade Bait
Country:International #and-clan


A&D was founded in March 2007 by Davitomon and Shadow as a joke, with just 3 members in the beginning. Today, it has about 16 members, from all around the world. The clan is no longer recruiting actively; new members can only join by invitation and then voting.



Servers run by Clan members:

Name IP/Domain Max Players Owner Location Logging Blacklist Available
A&D: Match Server 8 Dentist Germany yes yes 24/7
A&D: Flopsy 1.0.4 16 Dentist Germany yes yes 24/7
A&D: BigCheese Arena 1.0.4 10 Dentist Germany yes yes 24/7
A&D Westgate 4 XFA Australia yes yes Usually
A&D Eastland 2 XFA Australia yes yes Usually


The most known maps created by A&D members are:

Clan members

Nickname Joined Location
BokXx 2008-07 Flag mx.png Mexico
Dentist 2008-07 Flag de.png Germany
Disney 2009-02 Flag bg.png Bulgaria
Maggot 2008-08 Flag fr.png France
Horse 2007-03 Flag cz.png Czech Republic
J.M.Kane 2008-11 Flag ca.png Canada
Kaiserjager 2008-08 Flag fi.png Finland
Laura 2007-03 Flag fr.png France
Pol 2007-03 Flag it.png Italy
Ranting 2007-03 Flag in.png India
Shadow 2007-03 Flag pl.png Poland
Storm 2008-09 Flag gb.png United Kingdom
TheRock 2008-09 Flag de.png Germany
XFA 2009-06 Flag au.png Australia
Zenith` 2009-04 Flag us.png USA
jamz 2011-12 Flag gb.png United Kingdom

List of former members

  • Davitomon
  • kitty
  • Princess
  • Quickey
  • Rytis
  • Trainee


Star bronze.png Second AssaultCube Release Cup (2009): 3rd place [REMOVED]

Star gold.png First AssaultCube Release Cup (2007): 1st place [REMOVED]

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