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Founded on:September 19, 2009
Founded by:Zarjio
Current leaders:MPx, ana:)

Unbreakable also known as U| is an AssaultCube clan.



The beginning

Unbreakable was founded on September 19, 2009 by Zarj (aka Zarjio), roughly one month after the dissolution of his previous clan, Casual Cubers. The express purpose of Unbreakable was to be a clan of well-respected and respectful players who also had a reasonable skill level. Although Unbreakable never became one of the most skillful clans, it did become a fairly popular clan in the community, and also hosted the failed 1.04 CLA vs. RSVF Tourney. Unbreakable was dissolved on November 26, 2010, due to inactivity.

New order

In early June 2014, MPx, an old member, decided to bring back Unbreakable. Of course there is a long way to go and basically the idea of ​​being a leader of a clan is something new for him. It's a new phase, to be sure, but it will not change the ideology of the clan. He had the help of dystropia to manage the test of new members, new forum and new rules.

"Earn their respect with every word and action. Make every bullet count."


Members cited here are the U| from 2014.

Nickname Clans History Joined to Us Location
MPx U 2014-06 Flag ar.png
ana:) IRON, U 2014-07 Flag es.png
Pizza UF, U 2014-07 Flag ar.png
Minion U 2014-12 Flag uy.png
Georgete ED, ThC, FEL, U 2014-12 Flag cl.png
Chill U 2015-04 Flag us.png

Missing in Action

Members who are absent in game for a long time.

Nickname Clans History Joined to Us Location
Tiger MDA, sJ, FBI, U 2014-08 Flag pt.png
dystropia =KFC=, KH, aCKa, U 2014-06 Flag br.png

Former Members

Formers from U| 2014.

Nickname Clans History Joined to Us Location
AeGiS aka. Skinny-Dog U 2014-07 Flag cr.png
Warrior* =AoW=, [DSotM], ST6, e$a, UF, U 2014-09 Flag us.png
vector DES, .45, U 2015-01 Flag gb.png

Members from 2009

Nickname Location
JMM Flag au.png
applecake Flag se.png
lipe Flag br.png
C.America Flag us.png
Leaf Flag sg.png
c00kie Flag br.png
DJ Flag nz.png
Chill Flag us.png
Hulk Flag br.png
Plague Flag au.png
Foo Flag au.png
Zarj Flag ca.png
wildice Flag br.png
UDT Flag be.png
zabi Flag ae.png
k4z Flag br.png
-Mpx- Flag ar.png
Skinner Flag ca.png
Eclipse Flag au.png
Panic Flag br.png
Toobies Flag au.png
Dystopia Flag au.png


Actually, the clan are hosting just one server to 6/6 players and it's on 24/7 on masterserver list. We use the whitelist and blacklist to keep the game clean and fair, and it is updated every week.

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