Elite Sniper Assassins

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ESA| also known as Elite Sniper Assassins is an AssaultCube clan.

Elite Sniper Assassins
Clantag: e$a|
Founded on: Aug/4/2011
Founded by: Roscoe, Trymeson, and Jlinkz
Current leader(-s): Jl!nkz, Coke-Y, BrKDr4GoN
Members: view clan website
Country: International
Homepage: esaclan.tk
IRC: irc://gamesurge.net/esaclan

Clan Info

Welcome to the e$a|Elite Sniper Assassins Clan wiki page.

We are a skilled clan mainly based from AssualtCube but slowly expanding our community in many other online games. We are mostly a Invite only clan made out of friends and great players but are always looking for new talent. We were founded August 4th 2011 by Roscoe, Trymeson, and Jlinkz. Many members from old clans came together to help start e$a Including Members from Dotsom and FOX. In the first year e$a quickly grew with over 30 great and active members. When Summer was finally over many members started to become inactive including the leaders because of school and personal reasons. The clan, unfortunately, lost many of its members and was forgotten by many. Now in the new year e$a has been striving to come back strong and for good. We have brought back together many old members and friends and recruited several great new members. With the clan heading back to the top we plan on keeping e$a very active and lively all year long, for a very long time. With a variety of different talents not (just Snipers every mode) from great mappers to Lss Kings are goal is to make it though the AssaultCube world Cup and become one of the best clans In AC. Are main goals are to have the FUN!, expand our community, be competitive, and push the limits at the same time.

You Visit our website at http://esaclan.tk and our forums at http://forum.esaclan.tk for more information.


For a full updated list of members and ranks please visit our website. http://ac-esaclan.webs.com

Nickname Rank Join Date Location Status
Jlinkz Founder August 4th 2011 Flag us.png USA Active
Roscoe Founder August 4th 2011 Unknown Inactive as of (September, 2011)
Coke-Y(Trymeson) Founder August 4th 2011 Flag us.png USA Active
BrKDr4GoN Leader Aug 25 2011 Flag us.png USA Active
Criminal Moderator About Feb 6 2012 Flag us.png USA Active
Darkness Member Feb 9 2012 Flag us.png USA Semi Active
KamikaZe Member May 24th 2011 -- semi Active
Han.Solo Member Feb 14 2012 -- inactive
Shree Member Jun 25 2012 -- (Vacation)
Cream Member July 8 2012 -- Active
J@MIE Member Dec 30 2011 -- inactive


  • e$a|!|jl!nkz|L| (1st Leader / Founder)


  • e$a|:.Coke-Y|L|/e$a|TryM3$0n (2nd Leader / Founder)


  • e$a|!|BrKDr4gon (3rd Leader)



  • ~e$a|Ch4!n$.D4$h/ e$a|Ro$c0e.D4$h (INACTIVE) (Founder)


  • e$a|Paper-N (Inactive)
  • e$a|{!3@M@!E} (Inactive)
  • e$a|!|Criminal

Inactive and former members

We will miss you all a lot :( You will still be a part of this family :D

  • Mellcor (inactive)
  • D4P4N$T3R (inactive)
  • SkyHawk
  • Admiral
  • W4LKING*
  • Darkness
  • Han.Solo
  • David / CrazyXD
  • tb@b
  • Cookies
  • Tawlney
  • CODz xXLegitXx
  • daxter
  • HarDZi!nN+
  • Hero
  • Christian
  • WhiteTiger
  • Lina

And others that have been forgotten... :(


IP/Domain Server Name Max Players Owner Location Logging Blacklist Server Type Available
esaclan.tk 1000 >|>|ELITE|$niper Server esaclan.tk 1000 ~Jl!nkz 15 Jlinkz Flag us.png USA yes yes Regular 24/7
esaclan.tk 2000 >|>|ELITE|$niper Assassins Server esaclan.tk 2000 15 Jlinkz Flag us.png USA yes yes Regular 24/7
esaclan.tk 8888 e$a Clan match server. 8888 match 15 Jlinkz Flag us.png USA yes yes Match Server 24/7
ch.silvercloud.x10.mx SERVER COLSED 20 http://silvercloud.x10.mx Flag us.png USA No No Regular offline
esaclan.tk 7777 e$a Clan match server. 7777 match 15 Jlinkz Flag us.png USA yes yes Match Server Random

For more info and status on servers view ac-esaclan.webs.com/servers

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