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Fuerza Elite Latina (known as ~FEL~) is an AssaultCube clan and is ready to make a name for themselves.

Fuerza Elite Latina
Clantag: ~FEL~
Founded on: 28th of June, 2010 (Re-founded 7/26/13)
Founded by: jAcKRoCk* -Azimov (Re-founded by elCrack, SEXOLOCO, HGF-ARG)
Current leader(-s): elCrack, SEXOLOCO, HGF-ARG
Members: 9
Country: International
Homepage: fel-clan.com


We were born from the need of a fresh start, a new pat to follow, the path of mastering this game, when |T$R| died we decided to take was good from it, and leave behind what was bad. So we choose a name that can discibe us as a group, and since we all are latins we decided to go with Fuerza Elite Latina or Latin Elite Force in english. But it wasn't easy - we have to struggle with the lanuage, the lack of good latin players (without a clan), and finally the lack of time: Most of us are students or have jobs or both.

We we have our first test of strength when Centinela was found cheating, but that incident just made us stronger and a closer family. Now we hope we can be one of the few clans, that stands for a long time, but not only that at a good level.

List of former members

  • Centinela
  • Moose

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