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Unstoppable Force also known as |UF| is an International AssaultCube clan.

Unstoppable Force
Clantag: |UF|
Founded on: 1/20/12
Founded by: IBiteBack, Ed<3Crystal
Current leader(-s): IBiteBack, Ed<3Crystal
Members: 4
Country: International
Homepage: clanuf.webs.com
IRC: #|UF|clan @IRC.AccessIRC.net



The clan Unstoppable Force was established on January 20, 2012 when IBiteBack and Ed<3Crystal decided to make a clan of their own. The main goal of this clan is to have fun and improve your skills. The same day we recruited our first member, Truck. After a few days, [email protected]!or and his brother Kitten were let in but soon disbanded. After a few more weeks, K4ze (now known as _MoA_Yami|UF|) was introduce to the clan. Two months later LocoEngr was recruited. We continued to gradually gain members for some time, until a bit of a lull came over the clan. In 2015, the clan began to revive and has been intermittently active since then.

Basic Information

In general, we are a friends clan. We sometimes take part in professional activities, such as clan matches, but we are mainly here to have fun and learn from each other. If you wish to become more involved in professional activities, then by all means, you may do so. There is a fairly good chance that you will be able to find other members who are interested in doing it with you. Some members also enjoy mapping, so you may want to cooperatively create maps with other members. The choice is yours, what you do if you join.

It is best if you have a working knowledge of English, since this is what is mostly used by the current clan members. However, we have had other members who do not speak good English and have still enjoyed membership for some time. Some current members do know other languages, so even if you do not speak English, you may certainly join!



To join Unstoppable Force there are some basic requirements.

  • You need to be somewhat active on Assault Cube, our website, and/or our IRC channel
  • You must avoid using hacks, being abusive, and intentionally team-killing
  • You must be able to pass a game skill test given by a leader
  • You should avoid excessive swearing

How to Join

Create an account on our website, and contact a leader to request testing. The test does not expect you to be highly skilled, but only checks to ensure that you are a fairly good player. You will probably be tested in a deathmatch-type mode and a One Shot One Kill or Last Swiss Standing mode. This will be decided by the leader when the test is taken. It is not uncommon to be tested in all three.


|UF|IBiteback - Founder & Leader

Ed<3Crystal|UF| - Founder & Leader

|UF|Truck - Assistant Founder & Member

|UF|ace - Member

*For a more updated list, visit our site*


Name IP/Domain Max Players Owner Location Blacklist IRC Available
Game Room 28763 16 Truck USA yes yes no
Game Room CTF 18765 16 Truck USA yes yes no
Public Match 38767 2 Truck USA yes yes no
Duel of Honor 11111 2 IBiteBack USA yes usually No
UF Only Match [Private Server] 28760 6 IBiteBack USA yes not right now By Request

Note that this list could get out of date. Check on our website for the most up-to-date information on our servers.

External links

Other Information


Our main IRC channel is #|UF|clan We also have several channels for live server feed and remote control, but these are in the process of being changed over to another network. Those channels will be published once a new setup has been finalized. We are currently using the AccessIRC network, which can be found at irc.accessirc.net and eu.accessirc.net

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