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Seal Team 6 also known as |ST6| is an AssaultCube clan.

Seal Team 6
Clantag: |ST6|
Founded on: 10/7/2011
Founded by: acrippledkid; elocsitruc
Current leader(-s): acrippledkid; elocsitruc
Members: 17
Country: International
IRC: #ST6Chat @ Gamesurge

General Info

|ST6| was created on Oct. 7 2011 after |FOX| clan died. Acrippledkid and Elocsitruc started playing AC back in Oct. of 2009. Now they deiced to create a clan of there own, and they named that clan |ST6| (Seal Team 6). Acrippledkid and Elocsitruc hope that the clan will be known through out the Assault Cube community as a nice and helpful clan in some time. They also want to help out new players and meet new exciting people as they did in |FOX|. It has been a great adventure and experience for both Acrippledkid and Elocsitruc. New things happen everyday, and they want to be part of them.

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