Kudos For Cubers

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Kudos for Cubers
Founded on:Dezember, 2008
Dissolved on:April 23, 2009
Founded by:TOMB, ph4ntom

Kudos for Cubers also known as =KFC= is an AssaultCube clan.


First Contact

Kudos for Cubers began with the original idea of the leader and founder, TOMB. His ideal was always been to keep friendships above the battles, these are also the criteria to recruit new members. The first member of the clan was ph4ntom, which soon became leader with TOMB.

First Problems

After some time the clan forum was created, it went offline for nonpayment. The clan had no other way of interacting, which eventually led many members to desist. Another problem arose after TOMB being accused of cheating and being blacklisted, which ultimately leads to the end of the clan.

KH Force

At the end of these problems, TOMB decided that members of =KFC= would join to the |KH| Clan. Some members joined, others gave up.

Former Members

  • TOMB
  • ph4ntom
  • JFK99
  • J.B.
  • Monas
  • qwertyu
  • arbo
  • jiggy
  • r0dekill

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