Emissaries of Destruction

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Emissaries of Destruction (known as [ED]) Is a spanish / latin clan and is ready to make a name for themselves.

Emissaries of Destruction
Founded on:October 2010
Founded by:Alex007
Current leaders:Alex007


The Clan ED takes the stage for almost 8 years but only 2 months in Assaultcube.. Was funded by an Italian “[ED]Dade”, who lives in Spain from years. However, in the beginning was not known as Emissaries of Destruction, but as Emissaries of the Divine, a group of friends who met through playing Diablo II Battle.net and decided to form the Clan. With the time began to arrival many others to form a complete team. Spite of the connections at that time and the different areas where his members lived, even reaping success as classified in the World Cyber Games in Starcraft.

Today is one of the oldest clans of Hispanic Language.

In AC came in mid October 2010, which initiative was from Dade who want to expand the Clan to the field of Open Source and he choose Assault Cube for that. He got the special collaboration of [ED]Alex007 who took the Command of the Company [ED] for Assault Cube and help the Clan for an introduction to the game.


Fair Play and Competitiveness


Name IP/Domain Max Players Owner Location Available
Emisarios de la Destrucción & SoloGigabit /connect 28763 20 http://www.sologigabit.com/ Spain yes
Emisarios de la Destrucción & SoloGigabit (Custom Server with Maprot) /connect 28772 20 http://www.sologigabit.com/ Spain yes
Emisarios de la Destrucción & SoloGigabit (private) /connect 28768 match 12 http://www.sologigabit.com/ Spain yes

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