Taking a Stand

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Taking a Stand
Founded on:6th August 2009
Founded by:djogli, Rebel, CCCPgirl
Current leaders:Vlad

Taking a Stand ( "|TaS_") is an Assault Cube clan.

History and motivations

Taking a Stand is an AssaultCube clan founded by Rebel, CCCPgirl and djogli on the 6th of August, 2009. They met each other in game, became good friends in AssaultCube and soon enough decided to form a clan. The first members to join clan were their friends, from their respective former clans.

On 19th of September 2009 Rebel left the clan and the game. In October 2010 CCCPgirl decided to join Tear you Down!. As of December 2010 last original founder djogli left the clan and game. Council member Vlad was promoted to new leader of the clan.

The clan mainly invites people to their clan, but there is alternative way for new people to join to clan: the idea behind that, according to the founders, is that there are always some hidden talents and good friends to meet.

The team is mainly European: its founders are European, and most of the other members come from Europe. Now Taking a Stand are thinking about developing the clan to the USA/Canada time zones, to make it easier on clan members from that side of the world. The founders and clan members point out on their site,

TaS clan is clan of good friends and good players. We look for fun, honest matches against skilled players who are dedicated to what they do.


Taking a Stand has organized an AssaultCube tournament Premier League in march 2011. Most well-known AssaultCube clans participate in this tournament (woop, oNe, TyD etc).


Vlad runs 3 24/7 servers based in Moscow.

Name IP/Domain Max Players Owner Location Logging Automap Blacklist Ladder Available
TaS|Classic tas-server.urmom.pl 7010 14 Vlad Moscow yes yes yes no 24/7
TaS|Avangard tas-server.urmom.pl 7020 14 Vlad Moscow yes yes yes no 24/7
TaS|Match tas-server.urmom.pl 7030 8 Vlad Moscow yes yes yes no 24/7

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