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The Premier League - Assault Cube competition between clans started in spring 2011. The tournament is hosted by the clan Taking a Stand and anticipates 3-vs-3 matches. The system in which these games are played are that each clan has home and away (guest) matches, held on schedule during a period of 14 weeks or steps. Teams will earn points according to the results of their matches. At the end of the competition, the clan with the best index of points will be declared the winner.

Rules and description


  • Numbers of clans : 8
We only allow clans, not individually made teams.
  • Match format : 3-vs-3
  • Match modes : All official modes
  • Maps : All official maps except ac_aqueous and ac_raptrap
  • Numbers of games during season : 7 home and 7 guest (away)
    • Home match : Home team choose the map, mode and server for both rounds
    • Guest match : Guest opponent choose the server and both rounds
Each participating clan will play home and guest matches against each other clan.
  • Number of rounds in match : 2
  • Interval of matches : One week ( 7 days )


1. Any official clan (List of clans) can apply in the prescribed format.

2. Form :
  • Clan name :
  • Clan site :
  • Clan leader :
  • Number of active players :
  • Convenient time for matches : (GMT)
  • Method of contact (also IRC channel):

Filing an application : HERE Spring season 2011 (closed)

3. Each clan member of participating clan may play.

Point system

1. After each match ( two rounds ) clans receive points based on the following table :

Match result Won rounds Points
Won 2 3
Tie 1 1
Lose 0 0

2. The result of the round is calculated by flags first, then frags, then death, then score. If all these indications are equal, the guest team is the winner.

All points are calculated by the main table.

3. Table sort by :

  • Total point (decreasing order)
  • Guest win matches (decreasing order)
  • Total match played (decreasing order)
  • Alphabet (increasing order)


1. List of servers, which are allowed : you can suggest your server and we will check it

  • w00p match servers
  • TyD match servers
  • MyS match servers
  • oNe match servers

you can see list or add it to your server menu using : Castiel pack - link or same in TaS pack - link


1. For the matches allowed all official maps except :

  • ac_auqeous
  • ac_raptrap

2. Its not allowed to use maps bug. For using it ( proof - demo ) match will be counted as lose for team, that used it. Bug - part of map, some place or construction, which completely deprives of possibility of player make ussual actions, like take or score flag.

example : 
* ac_sunset, constructions with boxes in first "room" at left from RSFV base. 
* ac_depot, constructions with boxes in first "room" at right from RSFV base.

Additions and disputes

1. If the teams do not complete the match, both teams receive 0 points.

2. If the team leave match, we consider it as lose for them.

3 If a team doesn’t play two matches or leaves within a match twice throughout the season, they will be disqualified from the league.

4. If a team leaves or is disqualified from the league all other teams receive points for already last and not taken matches against kicked team.

5. Problems during match with lag and other in-game problems are coordinated by teams. League organizers don’t take part in it.

6. Any insulting or unfair action with proof (demo) will be analyzed by league organizers. Punishment = -2 points. If clan will have two or three similar cases, they will be disqualified! (decision is made by the organizers )

7. Default time of match is 15 minutes.

8. In rage quit cases we suggest to either:

  • to restart round if player returns more then after 1 min.
  • to restart round if player of winning team rage quit in last 4 mins of round.
  • do not restart if player of losing team rage quit in last 4 mins of round.

9. During a match, the home team cannot vote the same map/mode combination twice.

10. The organizers reserve the right to amend the existing rules in case of necessity or disputes.


The purpose of the league - the establishment of regular high-level competitions for the best clan community.

Spring season 2011

Season was started on 11 April 2011 with the estimated end date on 10 July 2011 - that is 14 matches. During the tournament matches were part of the broadcast live on ACtv by SKB{TyD} (channel) and o2|Gibstick (channel). In the development of rules and decision of disputes helped: {fR}Shield (aka Brockle), |DES|Robtics, Ciclon (ex |oNe|), w00p|Lucas.

Participated clans

Were passed eight requests. HyPE and 610 apps were not accpeted due to low activity and lack of contact methods.



updated without left teams


Clans w00p, fR, BoB sorted by number of games that played in League before quit. Points for clans not calculated. Position in table not filled.

# Clan Total games Win Tie Lose Guest win Points
1 MyS 14 10 3 1 4 33
2 oNe 14 10 2 2 4 32
3 dR 14 9 3 2 5 30
4 Legacy 14 9 3 2 4 30
5 BME 14 6 1 7 3 19
BoB 10
fR 9
w00p 3

last updated : 03.07.2011


Gold.png - Premier League : 1st place Makes you Sick

Silver.png - Premier League : 2nd place Owning Noobs Everywhere

Bronze.png - Premier League : 3rd place Digital Reborn

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