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Founded on:July 12th 2010
Founded by:JoeSmith, ikljo, GDM
Current leaders:None

HyPE was an AssaultCube clan made up of players hailing from Oceania to the Americas to Europe. The clan was formed in hopes that one day it would be refered to as the clan that added a new level of experience to the AssaultCube game.

Their goal was to develop a clan with a solid foundation, tangible aims, and an atmosphere where members can become friends with one another who have great attitudes and a base level of maturity who can share their gaming experience.

HyPE hoped to recruit individuals who not only possess skill, but had great attitudes and exceptional knowledge of AC as a whole. These were the underlying standards which they have set forth to keep in hopes that HyPE could one day be known as one of the great clans of AC.


HyPE's roots reaches to late 2009 to early 2010, from a clan called the Great Gibbing Alliance (GGA), which is where the leaders came from. After very tough times, GGA began to fade and that's when HyPE's founders hatched the idea of forming a new clan. Eventually on the 12th of July, 2010 HyPE was born.

On the 5th of April 2013, HyPE has officially come to a close.[1] With Joe leaving earlier in April, and with the website no longer up, the clan fell apart with the remaining leaders also leaving.

Currently, it is quite uncertain whether or not the clan is actually inactive as the leaders are allowing the current members (listed below) to continue on with the clan. Although this is unlikely because as the announcement was made, many of its players were already inactive or MIA.


With HyPE inactive at most, and without a website, there is obviously no recruitment. Currently, HyPE has its applications open for recruitment, and is willing to accept new members. However we are only looking out for players of good calibre and who will not be using this clan as a "stepping stone" to get into another clan. Our application process has also been updated and applications now last longer, hopefully weeding out all but the ones who truly want to get in.

If you think you have got what it takes, you can apply here.

Members at time of disbandment

Clan ranks

HyPE's members are split into three ranks: Founder/Leader, Elite/Moderator, and Member.


These are the ones who have founded the clan, and are governing the clan's well being by making sure it stays within the principles that have been set for the clan.


The Elites are the ones who the founders/leaders see as highly trustworthy members, and have been in with the clan for a quite some time. Also these members have helped other members out with various tasks, and have helped the leaders with projects and is always trying to help improve the clan. While being an Elite they have extra privileges to help moderate the clan, and to uphold the principles that have been set for HyPE.


These players were the core of HyPE: the main image of what hype stands for, and also the future of HyPE. The leaders rely on the members for opinions and ideas to help further improve the clan. Members carry out the principles that has been set for HyPE, when they are playing AC, and chatting in IRC.


Nickname Rank Join Date Location
Darkside Member Sept 13th, 2010 USA USA
Q3M Member Sept 28th, 2010 USA USA
kaBOOM Elite/Moderator Feb 12th, 2011 Australia Australia
Mr.Fox Member Feb 18th, 2011 Australia Australia
=YakuzA= Member April 20th, 2011 Portugal Portugal
Stackzo Member August 8th, 2011 New Zealand New Zealand
Rezobro Member October 12th, 2011 Australia Australia
Jeb Member Febuary 7th, 2012 Netherlands Netherlands
Alcatraz Member June 14th, 2012 Sweden Sweden
SwellGuy Elite/Moderator June 23rd, 2012 Australia Australia
Guardian Member January 17th, 2013 USA USA
lucky Member March 21 2011 (Re-joined January 21th, 2013) USA USA
"Zodiak (aka Shorty) Member Febuary 10th, 2013 Australia Australia



  • Darkside
  • Q3M
  • Mr.Fox
  • Rezobro
  • Stackzo

Former members

  • ImaCripple
  • haste
  • Bigbaddy
  • Fate
  • JoeSmith
  • ikljo
  • GDM
  • Theo_RJ*


In the skunkworks of HyPE came forth two projects: AC-Inter and Eye of AC.


AC-Inter is a very successful and popular IRC bot which allows players to advertise their inter-clan or clan match to attract other players. Although it had a rocky start with some being pessimistic about its future, AC-Inter has pulled through. It is now the de facto method of arranging an inter-clan or clan match aside from asking other players directly.

ikljo is responsible for creating the bot and the managing of the IRC channel is spread across several other players.

As of late-2012 to early 2013, the competitive scene of AssaultCube is hitting a dry spell. To address this issue there are some discussions as to what can be done to improve AC-Inter further. ikljo has mentioned integrating AC-Inter to TS3, however there lies the problem of how to relay a message to other players in a TS3 server and how to port it without having to modify pieces of code for TS3. Other than TS3, there are also other talks of perhaps integrating AC-Inter directly into the game to make matchmaking even easier.

On the 26th of February 2013, the lack of a more active competitive scene has taken its toll with the closure of AC-Inter.[2]

Eye of AC

Eye of AC is a screenshot sharing application for AssaultCube.

This has been a work in progress for many months by GDM, and is currently in its beta phase. As per usual with a beta release, it is likely that there will be bugs. Unfortunately it is currently unavailable for Mac.

With GDM leaving AC alongside its leaders, this project will also likely come to a close although GDM has stated that he will get it back online at some time.[3]

What it does
  • Automatically uploads your screenshots while you play AC.
  • Saves metadata about the screenshots such as players in game, scores, and more.
  • Allows you to search and sort yours and others' screenshots in the Eye of AC website.
How it works

Eye of AC is a python wrapper meant for the standard AssaultCube client. You just have to start it up and let it also start up your AC client and you're good to go.

Although meant for the standard client, it is known that it is also compatible with the GsF client. Compatibility with other clients (i.e. ACWC) is currently unknown.

Installation is also easy; you just have to drag and drop the files into your AssaultCube directory.

Future features
  • Blacklist commmand (This will give you a copy-pasteable BBCode segment for the AC forum blacklist thread)
  • Tags and albums
  • Full mobile resolution support for the website.


Among the members of HyPE, some are interested in mapping.


HyPE currently offers three match servers with the hitreg fix. The servers are hosted at Los Angeles in California, USA.

JoeSmith stated that he'll resume hosting these servers sometime in the future.

Name Domain/Port/Password Max Players Owner Location Blacklist Available
Deux2 deux.cc 22022 match 14 JoeSmith California, USA No 24/7 Offline
Deux3 deux.cc 33033 match 14 JoeSmith California, USA No 24/7 Offline
Deux4 deux.cc 44044 match 14 JoeSmith California, USA No 24/7 Offline


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