Digital Reborn

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Digital Reborn
Clantag: |dR|
Founded on: 20/04/11
Founded by: AtoMikK, Reedie
Current leader(-s): AtoMikK, Reedie
Members: 10
Country: International
IRC: irc://


Short Description

Digital Reborn is an international AssaultCube clan. Founded by the experimented two Frenchies AtoMikK and Reedie, Digital Reborn (dR) stands for fair play, skills and fun. It's an high competitive clan and is clearly in the TOP teams in AC by skills.

By participate and win matches in leagues and tournaments, Digital Reborn become one of the major clan of AC.

Digital Reborn win the third place of the Spring and Autumn TaS league : Bronze.png - Premier League : 3rd place Digital Reborn

Clans History

After months in the Grizzly Team (old 1.0 french clan) A&R decided to found an high competitive clan with the members who improved sharply with them into the GrZ team.

The 20th of April, |dR| was born. dR stands for Digital Reborn. Honor, Mars’FRA, Arnaud, Aellik and Alive followed Reedie and AtoMikK into dR.

A few days after, the team named legacy.esports were dead. 2 members of this team applied to us after this event, Jorik and Sepehr. Jorik was MyS first but It seems that this team didn’t feet to him. Elite from BME cames to dR after that his ex-clan died by the leaving of their leader, Inferno. The spring TaS League was the first official competition for dR and It was pretty successful since they win the third place. Fearles and his high skilled smg joined from TaS joined dR and is, with Honor, in dR one of the best improvement of the year. The team was full after a last recruit named Ciclon. An experimented Portuguese player from MyS and after, oNe.

Alive left dR for personnal reasons before the summer.

dR was the most active team in AC during the 2011 Summer with almost 10 players online everydays. Moreover the ACWC final 2011 saw 2 dR member in the line-up, Reedie for France and Elite for Germany. (Honor was selected too for France but as a sub)

The Autumn TaS League started and after 2 months of competition dR lost the second place in the last match of this league against MyS a bit lucky. Error, Jorik was revealed to be a cheater so therefore he gots kicked by dR leaders from the clan and loose 3 points in the TaS League (which in fact makes them loose the second place by 1 points at the end of the league.)

After this TaS League dR were a bit inactive because of different facts like school exams, work and others things. Ciclon and Sepehr were MIA. Therefore AtoMikK and Reedie decided to recruit 2 newcomers in the AC French national team into dR, Akumaa and ZetsuU. Elite left dR to makes LC come back with Redbull, Vanguard and others.

Akumaa played somes days and for personnal reasons he started to be MIA. ZetsuU were active but like Akumaa but a little after he becomes MIA too. At the same time Aellik started to play less and less. Many players applied to dR but even if it was a bit inactive AtoMikK & Reedie didn’t want to recruit players who are less skilled than necessary.

In this hard period for dR, Fearles tried to be a Legendary Cubers and followed Elite but Fearles cames back rapidly and apologize for this “error”.

Since March, Ciclon and Sepehr are back, dR too !

In April 2012, dR won the bronze medal of the aG Tournament !

Some days after Fearles left the dR family and applied to MyS.

If you think you have skills, feel free to apply to us, we will check your AC playing !


More than the half of Digital Reborn players are international:

AtoMikK, Reedie, Honor, Akumaa, Aellik and ZetsuU are in the French National Team.

Sepehr is the Captain of the Iran National Team.

Ciclon is in the Portuguese National Team.

List of dR Players

List of current members

Nickname Rank Location
AtoMikK Leader & Founder Flag fr.png France
Reedie Leader & Founder Flag fr.png France
Sepehr AC #1 Iran
Honor Powerful Member Flag fr.png France
Ciclon Video Maker & AC Flagger Flag po.gif Portugal
Mars'FRA dR Mascot Flag fr.png France

List of members MIA

Nickname Rank Location
ZetsuU MIA Flag fr.png France
Akumaa MIA Flag fr.png France
Aellik MIA Flag fr.png France

List of former members

Nickname Rank Location
Alive Retired Flag de.png Germany
Elite Retired Flag de.png Germany
Jorik Retired Flag be.png Belgium
Fearles Tournament Player Flag pl.png Poland
Arnaud Legend Flag be.png Belgium


- Premier league- Spring 2011Bronze.png - Premier League : 3rd place Digital Reborn

- Premier league- Autumn 2011Bronze.png - Premier League : 3rd place Digital Reborn

- aG Tournament- Spring 2012Bronze.png - aG Tournament : 3rd place Digital Reborn

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Contribution to AC


Name IP/Domain Max Players Owner Location Logging
|dR| Public Server /connect 12 Reedie FRANCE yes
|dR| Match Server 1 /connect 8999 match 10 Reedie FRANCE yes
|dR| Match Server 2 /connect 9999 match 10 Reedie FRANCE yes