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Owning Noobs Everywhere (or |oNe|) is a well known, skilled AssaultCube clan.

Owning Noobs Everywhere
Founded on:6/12/2007
Founded by:cuberZ (formerly JohnnyD)
Current leaders:|oNe| Officers
(see Changes in Structure)
IRC:irc.gamesurge.net #one-chat


The beginning

In the mid of November 2007 cuberZ decided to form the clan Owning Noobs Everywhere. But the beginning wasn't easy for the leader and the few members behind him. With little experience in AssaultCube, recruiting and getting 'known' throughout the community was becoming a hassle. As poor recruiting began degenerating the clan, it was time for a change. New rules were instated, and recruitment became more of a hassle for the applicant than the clan itself.

Changes in structure

Several months after the clan's inception, the ensuing hiatus of cuberZ would leave it leaderless. This prompted him to handed off the clan duties to his most trusted, oldest and best recruits, the |oNe| Officers were born. The current officers are:

  • cuberZ
  • Impaktd
  • Mael
  • carl glass

This decision left a positive mark on the clan. Since that |oNe| has operated under "Invite Only". A new set of rules for recruiting were laid down, can be found here. As of December 6th 2008, the clan has reverted back to accepting applications from non-invitees. This move was made in order to capitalize on AssaultCube's base of fresh, new players due to 1.0 being released.

Owning Noobs Everywhere has grew much further then AssaultCube, BunnySoul and carl glass have created a clan in Urban Terror, which has become a success. Site can be found here

More changes

  • After version was released, alot of the members of oNe left the clan, some were even accused hacking. So after a period of time, Impaktd decided to revive the clan. The first addition was BunnySoul, a highly skilled member who comes from Israel. In this time oNe recruited some fresh members into the scene.
  • Razor - He came from MCNNM, owning the AssaultCube community with his SMG.
  • Vendetta - He came from LC, running riots with his SMG.
  • Arimane - He also came from LC, using his SMG to build up his reputation.
  • Arsenal - He came from #M|A#, who has just recently left the AC community but could possibly be back stronger then ever.
  • TheAnthraX - He came from |ANGRA|. He is one of AssaultCube's most skilled player.
  • Cage - He came from =RA=, with his SMG / sniper skills following him.
  • BULL3T - He came from |3"|. Don't look on his kindest side because there's a headshot waiting around the corner for you.
  • ExodusS - He came from .cS"|, well known as one of AssaultCube's best mapper.
  • L0rdzZ - He came from r|D, known for Owning Noobs Everywhere with his SMG / Sniper.
  • LaNterN - He came from |KH|, He come with talent, skill and respect.
  • Ciclon - He came from =MyS=, He come with a brilliant SMG, watch out for your back.
  • Akum@a - He came from .cS", Watch out for him in those clan matchs as he will turn it on.

With these changes |oNe| has rebuilt one of the most strongest and active clans out there.



Name IP/Domain Max Players Owner Location Available
oNe|Match A /connect o-n-e.tk 9999 20 Xenon USA yes
oNe|Match B /connect o-n-e.tk 8999 20 Xenon USA yes
oNe|Match C /connect o-n-e.tk 7999 20 Xenon USA yes


The clans TeamSpeak server is currently offline due to it being inactive.

|oNe| Ladder

Back in the 0.93, the clan has provided a server statistic tracking/ladder-like page. All statistics from the three clan's as well as statistics from 8bit's_Arena were recorded there. To work properly, the server code needed several specific modifications done by mosschops. Since the release of 1.0, the ladder has been discontinued.

List of former and missing members

List of former members

  • Archangel
  • Arsenal
  • BunnySoul
  • DaylixX
  • DarKnoT
  • ElCol
  • Inferno
  • Jord
  • McLovin
  • mosschops
  • P0p3yE
  • P@ndel
  • Psycho
  • skee
  • Takkunen
  • TheTrooper
  • Wolf
  • Woolly
  • Yoshi
  • ~{SW}~

List of missing members

The list of |oNe|s Missing In Action (MIA) can be found here


  • The name Owning Noobs Everywhere was conceived only after weeks of the clan's existence. cuberZ originally had the |oNe| tag due to him being the only member in the clan.
  • December 2nd is Mosschops Day.
  • Alpha has his own religion.

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