International Assault Force

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International Assault Force (known as IAF) are full of skill and is a clan that is ready to hit the battlefeild.

International Assault Force
Founded on:February 2009
Founded by:Loosky, Kirin, Venom
Current leaders:Loosky, Bexlab, MR.SMITH, pakit, @cid
Country:International #iaf-clan


Who we are “Journey of thousand miles begins with a step” and so our journey started on February 2009 with guidance of ‘Loosky’, ‘Venom‘ and ‘Kirin’ the founders of IAF clan (Italian Assault Force). Initially it was Italian Assault Force and everything started as the name says an all Italian clan. Then came the era when we felt that world is expending and if we need to grow and keep growing we need to change that so we changed from IAF (an all Italian clan) to IAF (an International clan) and then we become what we are right now a true IAF INTERNATIONAL ASSAULT FORCE.

Past & Present

IAF in past and still known as friendly natured clan and its friendly clan members. We started as a Clan by friends for friends and still stick by this policy. We are friends first then a clan member. Our presence on the Tyd ladder was an unforgettable memory in our mind and also in minds of our opponents too and we still carry that tradition on hi-skill ladder. We retained good things and added some better things like from being an all Italian to International clan.

List of former members

  • Frolon
  • Stefano
  • Marti
  • MelanieS
  • ..V..
  • UgUrCaV
  • FDAC
  • Nonex
  • MegaMan
  • *Shinobi*
  • antgua
  • JanwMeister
  • Tiesto