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Mexeu com nóis, nóis mata
Founded on:2006-08-16
Founded by:gu
Current leaders:gu and Boni
Country:Brazil #mcnnm-chat

MCNNM (Mexeu com nóis, nóis mata) was one of the oldest teams of AssaultCube.


The MCNNM team was founded by gu, and it became one of the earliest, strongest and most reputable Brazilian competitors in ActionCube (now AssaultCube). The team was mainly composed of lukas, luiz, Corisco, Sc0rpi0n, Spartan and Boni, some of whom arrived from the earlier formed Dark Desintergators Clan (DDC for short). The clan beame the vice-champions of the very first Release Cup in 2007 and won the OBAC Championship.


Star silver.png First AssaultCube Release Cup (2007): 2nd place

Star gold.png Official Brazilian AC Championship: 1st place

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