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Tear you Down! (or TyD!) is one of the most known clans in AssaultCube, and is a top contributor to the community.

Logo tyd grunge.png
Tear you Down!
Founded on:2007-11-22
Founded by:Apollo, DogDancing, Princess, RandumIdiot
Current leaders:Doogum7X, `Rowdizzle, pwnage
Country:International #tearyoudown



Between a period of smoldering discontent with the leadership of the clan Maximum Destruction (MD) in November 2007 four members of that clan - Aphrodite (now: Princess), Apollo, DogDancing and RandumIdiot (now: RandumKiwi) - decided in a chat conference to form up a new one. At November 22, 2007 the foundation of the clan Tear you Down! was declared to the members of Maximum Destruction and officially announced two days later. In the meantime more of the half of the MD members had decided to move to Tear you Down! [1]. As a result of the trouble in the former clan the new one started up with the precept not to be ruled again by a single person. As first instance two of the founding members - DogDancing and RandiumIdiot - were selected to be the formal and equal clan leaders.


In January 2008 acfan announced to the community the existance of the AC ladder[2]. Short after that the list of contributing servers was enlarged with Krusty and Clown, both hosted by KanslozeClown.

Like its predecessor Tear you Down! grew very rapidly. In February 2008 this and several other aspects led to a general debate about the organization of the clan's infrastructure. The goal was to stabilize the clan and to prevent former mistakes. After a persistent discussion the clan decided to install the TyD! Council. The first voting attempt had to be restarted, cause RandumIdiot - one of the founding members and also one of the candidates - left the clan. With the result of second voting the new leading board consisted of following members: Apollo, DogDancing, Harps, KanslozeClown and Princess.

The rise of waves of cheaters/hackers, impostors, master role abusers aso., which have flooded the community and its servers, forced Tear you Down! to change its policy how to handle them. After a deeper investigation it was clear that the most of them had their origin in Brazil. Cause the ISPs in this country distributes dynamic IP addresses the permanent ban of a single IP was ineffective. Therefore the server providing members decided to block whole IP ranges and ISPs, still with the hope that an upcoming version of AssaultCube would make this step needless. This action was misunderstood by some brazilian players and clans as an act of racism, which resulted in the beginning of a ban war against their members on non-clan-servers. After a long going discussion on the official forum the most brazilian players have accepted the necessity of this step and the ban war was over. Afterwards the first brazilian public server was opened.

In April 2008 another server was fired up: Pennywise was an experiment to create a server on which Brazilians can play, but also to prove that running a server without the blacklist and other modifications results in mayhem. When the experiment started, the server wasn't enlisted as a clan server and worked - beside the fact that it provided experimental maps and features like autogetmap and logging - like a normal server. In the first months the experiment was looking to fail, means that there was no more or less abusive actions logged then on servers with blacklists. With that the server becomes officially a Tear you Down server. But after three months of running, the situation has changed drastically: The logs has shown that 90% of all problems on Pennywise are caused by players from Brazil. The clan discussed to stop the server cause the experiment has proven the "mayhem theory". At the end the Pennywise - now equipped with a minimal blacklist - remained online and with the 1.0 release of AssaultCube it has become a full-equipped server like the other ones.

In July 2008 another clan founder and council member, DogDancing, resigned his membership on his own wish[3] to join Beyond Compare later[4]. Short after that Princess, who was also a founder and council member, left the clan, too[5]. With that, Apollo has become the last founding member who still remains active in the clan.

In November 2008 a selection of Tear you Down! members called Die.n00b (aka Harps, Doogum7x and Rowdizzle) participated at the ESL CTF Opening Cup and won the first place[6][7].


In March 2009, tipper from Dedicated Elite Soldiers published accidentally the admin password of the Tear you Down! servers during a game. Several players of the clan FrenchOne (F]1) realized that, shared the pass and started to abuse admin powers. Short after this KanslozeClown informed the leaders of that clan, that the involved players weren't welcome anymore on TyD! servers. Two of the involved players started to ignore this and to evade all bans. On March 28, 2009, - after a recent ban evasion - Apollo and KanslozeClown decided to blacklist the whole clan.

On the end of April 2009, the controversy with FrenchOne reached a new level when melody exposed a false allegation of one of their members: F]1 HeyMily (also known as M&M|#100%Geek) - who was already blacklisted for distributing modified maps - proclaimed to be the creator of the map ac_decharge,[8] which was just a modification of a map of BoxCutter. On May 10, 2009 - after a public discussion about this further misconduct - the clan was announced to be dead.

In June 2009, and after several months of ingame inactivity, one of the best player of AssaultCube left the clan: Harps, who was also one of the three remaining council members.

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The hacked forum

On July 4, 2009 adam played with an impostor of BlackFlag in a 2vs2-match against Máfia Assassina. After some unfair actions, adam checked the IP address of the guy and banned him from the server. Short after that the same guy hacked the clan's forum to install a new user admin account - named carglass - with admin privileges. With that account he banned all users, removed the whole content and replaced it with a screenshot of that match[9]. adam informed the community about that incident. To that time a guy with the nickname JackSparrow was logged in the IRC-channel of oNe, claimed to be carglass and bragged out with his "victory" about TyD!. He enjoyed popularity by several guys (Impakt'd, Morgan Kell, EmoPoser, DeadToMe, Jelly and XFA) in that channel and some of them incite him to do more damage. The mentioned guys decided to enter a Tear you Down!-server as carglass to mess around. Morgan Kell itself opened also a thread at AC forum in which he - along with the others - posted his "regret" about the hacking, telling nothing about their chat contact nor about the "joking" in the server. Later, Apollo found the carglass-entries in the server's logfile and banned all of them. Short after that the group around Morgan Kell revealed themself to be the carglass-fans. Instead of an apology they started a two days ongoing reckoning against the clan, its contributions, friends and several members. Until the end no one of the involved people let a word slip out about their connection to JackSparrow aka carglass. In the meantime, KanslozeClown and Apollo were able to reestablish the forum again[10]. Disappointed and apalled about this events both decided to leave the clan and community[11][12][13]. With that all clan servers and the AC ladder, which were hosted by KanslozeClown, have been shut down. Although many of the involved people had apologized their actions in the meanwhile and also the ladder returned on November 2009[14], this incident made a lasting impression on several people down to the present day.


Between March and June 2010 the clan created and hosted a community event: The Tear you Down! Tournament. This tourney was originally planned as 3-vs-3-tournament opening with a series of World Cup style qualifying matches followed by best of three bracket-style elimination rounds. Due the detection of cheating players (Sepher, LiFe) in two participating teams and the inactiveness of several other teams during the course of the tournament, the qualifying rounds were dropped and the event finished with the elimination rounds[15].

In June 2010 Apollo returned to the clan.[16] MCS had left the clan short before and once again a council seat has become vacant. Two members have been envisaged to take over: Apollo refused to gain this position again and pwnage took over. MCS returned later.

In August 2010 the clan have got involved in a dispute between one of their members - noerrorsfound - and the clan Exile Unit. noerrorsfound, who also hosted servers and provided webspace for other clans like Exile Unit, found out that this clan has used an outdated and vulnerable version of their forums software. He decided to demonstrate the vulnerablity by using an exploit, giving himself moderator privileges and placing him a warning message (there is still ambiguity if he does further damage). DrauL, leader of Exile Unit confronted Tear you Down! with noerrorsfound 's action[17]. Because only fragmented information existed to that time and the clan wasn't able to get a statement of noerrorfound to hear his side of the story, the council decided to suspended noerrorfound in the first instance[18][19]. After that third parties joined the discussion and started to flaming around. Having the events around the hacking of their own forum in mind, which endet in a unnecessarily and painful public blaming, the discussion has been reduced to the involved people[20]. After consideration all available informations, the clan decided to remove noerrorsfound from its roster because of breaking clan rules[21][22]. noerrorsfound left without understanding[23].


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The new forum

In January 2011 the clan intoduced a new forums theme in a dark grunge style, which was created by Apollo.



The clan provided multiple public and private gaming servers and also his own teamspeak server. Back in the 0.93 times the most of the gaming servers were already equipped with patches for supporting the public blacklist, logging and autogetmap and many more. Some of the necessary patch code is now part of the official release (since 1.0). All of these servers offers a big variation between custom maps mixed with official ones. Many of the unofficial community map packs by DES and BC have been added so that players have the opportunity to vote them ingame.

Name IP/Domain Max Players Owner Location Logging Automap Blacklist TyD!'s AC ladder Available
{TyD}Playground 55555

6 SKB The Netherlands yes yes yes no 24/7

14 Pwnage Germany yes yes yes yes 24/7

14 Pwnage Germany yes yes yes yes 24/7

14 Pwnage Germany yes yes yes yes 24/7
{TyD}Beacon 20000

12 Pwnage The Netherlands yes yes yes yes 24/7
{TyD}Champagne 20000

12 Pwnage The Netherlands yes yes yes yes 24/7
{TyD}Private #1 21000

6 Pwnage The Netherlands yes yes yes no 24/7

AC ladder

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The ladder

The clan also provided the currently longest existing ladder service (with breaks) in the AssaultCube community. The AC ladder is a ranking list of AssaultCube players originally created by acfan and later recreated by KanslozeClown after a severe hardware failure on the hosting system. The ranking points on the ladder are calculated by the score data gained on several servers.

With every major release of AssaultCube the ladder code has undergone several modifications to support new game features. The current ladder is the fourth major revision which includes two addons: Clanwar and Moderanking. The hosting and continuously development of the ladder is currently in the hand of pwnage who has also recreated the ladder in November 2009 after the departure of Clown[14].

Tear you Down! Tournament

The Tear you Down! Tournament was an community event which took place between March and June 2010. The tourney was planned as 3-vs-3-tournament opening with a series of World Cup style qualifying matches followed by bracket-style elimination rounds. Over the course of the tournament the qualifying rounds were dropped and the event finished with the elimination rounds.


Even though their blacklists are designated for the use in their own servers in the first place, Tear you Down! was the first clan who shared them with the public. This step allowed many server owners to use their copy as a basis for their own concept of game server security. Back in the time when the most servers have been conntrolled by a few clans whose members also shared admin passes, this contribution helped to remove systematically a lot of cheaters, impostors and other offenders from the game. Later some people mistaken the clan's blacklist as a central blacklist to the game in 2011[24] and started several discussions about the way the clan is using and providing its blacklists[25][26]. As one results, the clan publicized a clean server policy[27] on its website. On the other hand they placed a terms of service-notice into the header of IP blacklist to make clear that with installing the blacklist on a server this blacklist is becoming property of the host and part of his own responsibilities.


Beside this, many present and former members are interested in mapping like Apollo, BoxCutter, Brett, DogDancing, jiba, Megadolon, Paulet's and RandumIdiot. Some of their maps are now part of the official release. Severals maps of Apollo and jiba are included in the map rotation of the clan's servers.


Star gold.png ESL CTF Opening Cup: 1st place (as die.N00B)


  • The name Tear you Down! is a variation of a song title of the New Zealand punk rock group Bleeders, originally brought in by RandumIdiot.
  • During a time of massive inpersonation and tag abuses the clan members used a script to identify themself. The script was originally made by Toca and has been modified later by RandumKiwi.


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