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Exile Unit was a clan that played AssaultCube.

Exile Unit
Clantag:|Xu or Xu|
Founded on:2010-04-18
Founded by:Cactus, Newt
Current leaders:Cactus, Orynge
IRC:irc.gamesurge.net #xuclan


Exile Unit was founded on April 18th 2010, by Cactus and Newt, when they decided to start their first clan. They had played other games and formed other clans, but never on AssaultCube. They wanted the clan to focus on fun and a family type group of players. DrauL joined a week after the clans conception and ran the IRC channel. Newt left after a month in the clan, so DrauL took over as an admin. Exile Unit believes that real life comes first and encourages member breaks. As of July 18th, the clan became Invite Only, but afterwards started recruiting again. As of 7th September, DrauL, left the clan and also left AssaultCube because of personal reasons. Orynge took over as an/a admin/leader and DrauL also gave him ownership of the IRC channel. DrauL came back after the personal issues were resolved and was given his original position back. At the start of the next year, DrauL left the clan and moved to Kell Hounds soon after Castiel went to legacy.

noerrorsfound incident

On Tuesday the 24th of August, the Exile Unit forums were hacked. Experienced AC community member, noerrorsfound (NEF), posted that the forums were running on an outdated and vulnerable version of phpBB and, using an exploit, made himself a moderator of the forum in which he posted. Following a complaint by DrauL, NEF admitted this in a thread on (his then clan) Tear you Down! forums, subsequently moved to a private area. Some Exile Unit members also had their administrative privileges removed, an act which NEF denies responsibility for. DrauL and Cactus, assisted by Andy from Infectious OverDose, were able to recover their forums and admin status. NEF was removed from the Tear You Down! roster for his actions.


On the 18th of February, 2011, 4 members of Exile Unit decided it would be best to get rid of the inactive players from their roster, and open recruiting again. Aight and kingCHUBBY were appointed Recruiting Officers, as well as the remaining founder of the clan, Cactus. MykeGregory (also known as "AC's Resident Teabagger") and anyTheone joined soon after.

The End

The clan was closed by Cactus and Orynge on the 24th of September, 2011. After 17 months, the clan was going through one of the more inactive periods of it's existence, which is the reason it closed.


Nickname Rank Join Date Location
Cactus Founder 2010-04-18 Flag au.png Australia
Orynge Leader 2010-06-29 Flag au.png Australia
RikPik Moderator 2010-06-08 Flag nl.png Netherlands
CiCeA* Member 2011-05-25 Flag us.png USA
Footlong Member 2010-06-29 Flag ca.png Canada
Hamolton Member 2011-07-16 Flag us.png USA
IamBlurry Member 2011-07-16 Flag au.png Australia
iNoob. Member 2010-10-10 Flag us.png USA
Lightning Member 2010-09-30 Flag in.png India
MykeGregory Member 2011-03-14 Flag gb.png UK
Philoski Member 2010-12-26 Flag au.png Australia

List of former members

  • Aight
  • Alireza
  • Anarchist
  • anyTheone
  • Azazel
  • Brisky
  • Castiel
  • Ch0s3n.
  • DrauL
  • Enak
  • Kill3r
  • kingCHUBBY
  • Lemming
  • MaiMeeTur
  • MaSt3R
  • Newt
  • R4M.
  • Reborn
  • SiL3nT
  • Tr1x13
  • Unharmed
  • wH0pXeR
  • Xyphz

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