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Map title: Desert village
Map version:
Map artist(s): makkE and Arghvark
Favorite gamemode(s): TOSOK, TDM, LSS
Map size: Medium (5-8)
Official since: AC 0.90
RVSF base CLA base Overview

The map ac_desert is an official map created by makkE and Arghvark.

Theme and terrain

The theme of ac_desert is a small desert village with a well. It has a variety of narrow passages and large open spaces that make it to be one of the most popular maps in AssaultCube, and the changes in elevation both support and hinder players from either side. It is easy to camp in ac_desert, but also easy to kill campers.

ac_desert is a small map which has become the de-facto standard map for all variations of OSOK games and LSS. It is also often used in large servers to play TDM in.

Tips and hints

  • Near the CLA base there is a well with two healthboxes in it. A player can camp there if he is wounded until he is fully healthy again while still maintaining cover.
  • Connecting the middle area of the map and the area which leads to the street is a small alley. A player can enter it with a knife or shotgun to have the advantage because of it's small width and length.