Last Swiss Standing

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In the Last Swiss Standing gamemode every player fights against every other player with the goal of gibbing as many other players as possible until the match time limit runs out. This gamemode only allows players to use two weapons: the knife, that give you two kill per stab, and the grenade, that instead give you one kill per gib. This gamemode has rounds, and when a player is killed the player must wait until the round is over before the player can play again. The player with the highest number of gibs wins the match. If there is a tie in the number of gibs, then the player with the least amount of deaths wins the match.

In this gamemode, pistol clips in normal modes are turned into grenades.

Tips and hints

As the grenade does not explode immediately after being triggered, try holding onto the grenade for a bit before throwing it so that it will explode as soon as it is near an enemy. Timing is everything.