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Map title: Mine City
Map version: 2.0
Map artist(s): daMfr0
Favorite gamemode(s): OSOK, TDM, TOSOK
Map size: Medium (5-8)
Official since: AC 0.93
RVSF base CLA base Overview

The map ac_snow is an official map created by daMfr0, which was released on Quadropolis in March 2007 and making a spot in AssaultCube 0.93.

Theme and terrain

The theme of ac_snow is an abondend rocky/snowy mining town in Russia. For the release of AssaultCube 1.0 the map was undergoing some recent changes. Especially the map illumination is completly different to the original release: Now it seems more colder and darker and with that it punctuates the intended atmosphere.

ac_snow is a small map, that is meant for small numbers of players. Because of its small size it is played on a many different modes, like Last Swiss Standing or maybe a Team One Shot, One Kill game.

Tips and hints

  • During a Team Deathmatch, controlling the middle section of the map and gaining health can lead the team to its victory.
  • There is rocky structure at the right exit of the RVSF base which can be climbed up and used as a sniping spot.

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