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Map title: Frozen Village
Map version: 1.0
Map artist(s): Halo
Favorite gamemode(s): TOSOK, TDM
Map size: Medium (7-11)
Official since: AC 1.0
RVSF base CLA base Overview

ac_arctic is an official map made by Halo (formerly known as KC) and firstly released at Quadropolis under the name ac_froze. makkE announced on the news blog on July 14, 2008, that the map will be a feature of AssaultCube 1.0. The maps name was changed to sound more professional.

Theme and terrain

ac_arctic features a snowy village with contrasted, muddy walls and piled up snow. The terrain is quite rough in places and there is plenty of elevation in the map. The architecture is unique but original. Each base has overhead cover, and in the middle area is a big well.

Tips and hints

  • Due to the design in staircases, camp spots are made all around the map.
  • The well in the middle can be a weak and strong point: it's wide open, though there are 2 health packs.
  • Take advantage of holes in the walls to take out your opponents.

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Original ac_froze at Quadropolis