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How to move faster or better

Rifle jumping

To do this, when you jump and are in mid air, fire your gun at the ground. The best weapon to do this with is the assault rifle (biggest air!), but it can be done with other weapons too.

Rifle sprinting

Also, if you want to get very far, very fast, you can turn to the opposite direction and jump up and down while firing (you must fire straight. Not up or down, but straight. i.e. 180 degree angle). Be warned though as this will leave you vulnerable to anybody shooting at you from where you are going. Also, your allies may think you are firing towards them, so be very careful.

Why do rifle jumping and rifle sprinting work?

The reason all of this works is because the recoil from the weapon is very powerful. So firing toward the ground while jumping sends you flying into the air because the recoil pushes you upward.

Strafe running

Try holding the left or right movement keys while walking forward. This will increase your walking speed. Wikipedia has more information on strafe running: [1]

Grenade jumping

This is similar to Rifle Jumping, in that it will allow you to get to spots you couldn't before. This is a dangerous move, you will lose about half of your life. How its done is, Throw a grenade and stand next to it(or on top of it). As the grenade is about to blow up, jump away. You will go very high in the air, But the downside is lose quite a lot of damage(if it doesn't kill you all together). If you're not very good at grenade jumping, pick up some armor before using this technique so you don't die if a bad throw occurs. Grenade jumping is comparable to rocket jumping and it will propel you forward, backwards or laterally if the grenade is off-center.

Crouch Jumping

The release of v1.1 saw the addition of crouch jumping; it is possible to crouch in mid-air. This gives two advantages: 1. You are slightly shorter in a crouch, so you can jump into smaller gaps and present a smaller target, and 2. You can jump to slightly higher levels, because your legs are raised whilst airborne. Combining this with rifle jumping allows you to get into windows, onto ledges, or over obstacles, that were never previously within reach.

Better viewing

Field of View/Vision (FOV)

FOV is in the AssaultCube reference file The default FOV is 90. You can increase this to allow you to see more at once. The valid range for FOV in AssaultCube is 75 through 120. Type /fov 120 for the maximum FOV. Increasing your FOV can also reduce the effects of motion sickness some players experience when playing video games.